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April 04, 2013

HP Enterprise Cloud Services - Mobility Provides Secure Mobile Access to Data, Applications

HP Enterprise Services expanded its offerings today, by way of a cloud-based management solution capable of delivering secure anytime, anywhere access to applications and data from any mobile device. Dubbed HP Enterprise Cloud Services - Mobility, this new offering aims to address the responsibilities and requirements of the IT department, while still meeting the expectations of users.

Part of the HP Converged Cloud portfolio — which extends the power of the cloud across infrastructure, applications and information to provide clients with choice, confidence and consistency — this new cloud campaign facilitates the fast and flexible deployment of tools and services for secure application access, file storage and sharing through multiple mobile platforms and device types.

This provides IT organizations with the tools to implement appropriate security policies and the access controls to protect corporate assets, applications and data.

“Mobility in the workplace continues to be a key focus and concern for IT executives,” said Pete Karolczak, senior vice president of HP Enterprise Services, in a statement. “HP Enterprise Cloud Services – Mobility leverages HP’s strong cloud portfolio by providing clients with a mobility service that provides the highest level of user experience and productivity while minimizing risk for IT.”

HP Enterprise Cloud Services - Mobility also enables users to download approved enterprise applications from a single secure storefront, as well as upload files to support collaboration while synchronizing files between the HP cloud infrastructure and a mobile device. All data, meanwhile, is encrypted during these processes, offering an added layer of security to connected devices and the cloud infrastructure.

Furthermore, this solution allows for the configuration of cloud file storage, scaling up and down, with local storage options that cover data sovereignty and compliance requirements.

Available globally, HP Enterprise Cloud Services - Mobility integrates leading industry technologies, from companies including Citrix and SAP, that are fully managed and maintained by HP for simpler deployment and ongoing operations.

Edited by Braden Becker

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