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May 21, 2013

BeQuick's Fusion Enables MVNOs to Launch Prepaid Mobile Offerings on the Sprint Network

BeQuick Software, a supplier of hosted billing and customer lifecycle solutions to prepaid communications service providers, has now introduced new capabilities allowing MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) to launch prepaid mobile broadband offerings on Sprint's national network. This will be accomplished with BeQuick's cloud-based Fusion MVNE (mobile virtual network enabler) platform, a complete solution for prepaid mobile data offerings that boasts new real-time debiting capabilities.

The company made this announcement at the International CTIA Wireless 2013 conference, where it also introduced a new bring your own device (BYOD) self-service portal for MVNOs, which is also based on the Fusion platform. BeQuick said this portal is being released in response to BYOD becoming more common among wireless carriers, more aggressive MVNOs and greater acceptance of number portability.

"The prepaid mobile broadband movement is now gaining great momentum in the U.S., and we are keeping our MVNO customers ahead of this competitive wave," said Steve McIntosh, co-founder and COO for BeQuick Software, in a statement. "We created Fusion's real-time debiting functionality, account top-up capabilities, advanced user controls, and price plan management tools to ensure that our MVNO clients can deliver innovative new prepaid data offerings to their target markets rapidly to win more customers."

Now, any Sprint MVNO — or MVNOs looking to offer prepaid mobile broadband on the Sprint network — can do so via Fusion, which offers creative mobile broadband offerings and price plans for wireless hotspots and smartphones. Fusion also provides simple, convenient management to subscribers with automated account top-up capabilities made available via a redirect page for a seamless experience.

Meanwhile, the Fusion platform's real-time debiting capabilities have been integrated with Sprint's network and allow MVNOs to create advanced usage controls for customers, while protecting their own costs since subscribers are restricted to consuming only the data they've paid for.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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