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May 28, 2013

Nokia Siemens Networks Details Plans for Optimized Mobile Video

At the CTIA Wireless trade show in Las Vegas, mobile network builder Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) showcased tools to optimize video performance on mobile devices, courtesy of its Liquid Broadband portfolio, which includes Liquid Applications for boosting app performance.

NSN is looking to help carriers provide their subscribers with a more optimized video streaming experience. No more jittery pictures, loading graphics or waiting statuses -- at least that is the plan.

NSN has the technologies to reduce video stalling by 90 percent while cutting down carriers’ capacity demand by 25 percent. The company created the new video capabilities by enhancing its Liquid Broadband portfolio, combining Flexi Content Optimizer, policy management software and real-time congestion awareness - the latter of which can trigger bandwidth conserving steps if a base station gets heavily loaded. Unfortunately, that could mean giving priority to certain customers, based on certain policies, in order to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Flexi Content Optimizer adjusts video content and re-scales the video streaming to match the smartphone screen size. This way users can obtain the best quality video for their device and because less data is transferred, less pressure is put on the radio network capacity.

Most recently, NSN signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Intel on a set of common objectives around the development of Liquid Applications. The agreement aims at accelerating development of an enhanced mobile broadband experience.

According to the agreement, NSN and Intel will collaborate in the creation of a mobile edge computing ecosystem and explore new business models between mobile operators and other ecosystem players. In furthering the development of the Liquid Application platform, mobile operators would be able to extend the applications and services cloud all the way out to the base station.

According to research firm Informa Telecoms and Media, video streaming will account for nearly a third of all mobile data traffic in 2016.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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