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May 29, 2013

Mozilla, Foxconn Team for Potential Firefox Tablet

Up until now Mozilla's Firefox OS has appeared on a limited number of smartphone devices, however, if a Reuters report comes to fruition Mozilla will soon be moving its mobile OS over to the highly competitive low-budget tablet market.

The London-based news agency is quoting insider sources when it says that Mozilla and Foxconn, the latter being the overseas maker of nearly everything Apple, are ready to announce an affordable tablet device running off of Mozilla's Firefox OS at an upcoming event scheduled for June 3rd.

While chatter tends to focus mainly on Android, iOS and Windows Phone when it comes to mobile devices, there are actually quite a few other operating systems being developed in the pipeline including Sailfish OS and Tizen, although Mozilla's Firefox OS has both beaten in the partnership realm with nearly double the numbers.

Mozilla's move into budget tablets may be a case of too little, too late. Android has a plethora of budget tablet devices already on the market such as the Nexus 7, which is doing quite well in the sub-$250 category. Apple also has plans to spin-off a low cost version of its iPhone later this year and a tablet option may not be far behind.

Foxconn has noted in the past its interest in moving away from all things Apple, and the company may be exploring new avenues of income after finding that unit orders from Apple for iPhone and iPad devices have been slowing down in recent months.

Mozilla has been using the Firefox OS to reach out to markets that are interested in making the switch to smartphones, but yet cannot afford a brand new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. As for Foxconn, they are now presented with the opportunity to become the makers of their own devices aimed at one of the world's biggest emerging markets, which just happens to be their own backyard – China.

Edited by Lacey Henry

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