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June 12, 2013

Digitas Looks at LGBT Mobile Device Habits

This will come as no surprise to all but the very uninformed, but members of the LGBT community use smartphones and tablets just like anyone else. Digitas and Community Marketing, Inc. wanted to see just how the mobile habits of their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered customers varied, and have found that compared to the general population as a whole, they tend to have a higher understanding and level of activity with their mobile devices.

There are some interesting statistics uncovered by the survey. For example, while only 28 percent the general population has been using smartphones and tablets for more than three years, over 50 percent of the LGBT mobile device users surveyed have. Even more of them, around 56 percent, are using mobile devices in place of desktop and laptop computers.

The use of mobile devices has even helped some in coming out, as 35 percent of the LGBT mobile device users between 18 and 24 have used it as part of the process. Out of that 35 percent, 70 percent of them used Facebook to do so.

Of course, mobile devices are useful for all sorts of everyday activities, regardless of one’s sexuality. Just like anyone else, LGBT families use mobile devices to help coordinate calendars, locations, family finances, and more. When on vacation, said families tend to be twice as active as the general population on their mobile devices for looking for restaurants, checking flight statuses, finding local activities and so on.

"Digitas commissioned this survey because there is shockingly little research around LGBT mobile consumers in this mobile era. We call on brands and marketers to recognize and develop marketing strategies for this segment of our population who are making mobile moments a priority in their everyday lives," said Tony Weisman, the CEO of Digitas North America. "The equality movement is fast and furious, and Digitas is dedicated to pushing our clients and the industry forward to eliminate these missed opportunities."

Despite the objections of the homophobic, society is growing more understanding and accepting of the LGBT community. As such, Digitas wants to know how they can better reach the market potential they represent, and given the statistics the survey has revealed, it’s clear that there’s plenty of demand and use for mobile devices. After all, neglecting a group can only hurt a company, but by including all, it can help provide more customers with all that it has to offer.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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