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June 27, 2013

LogMeIn Rolls out Mobile Help Desk Support for iOS and Android

If your smartphone or tablet stops behaving itself and causes problems, your only resource has been to physically take it to a repair location and leave it there while they investigate. Now-a-days, if you have a computer problem, most companies such as those offering virus protection or where you purchased the computer, can log in remotely and resolve the problem without you having to lug the PC anywhere.

It would be very convenient if you could do that with your mobile devices. It would also be a great help to a company’s IT department if they could remotely “check out” the mobile device and reset any configurations that have been accidentally changed.

LogMeIn has felt that way for a while now. It just released a new version of its flagship mobile remote support and customer care offering. LogMeIn Rescue is a product that brings support to equal carrier grade support for mobile devices to any help desk.

Rescue Click2Fix is designed to provide remote support for Android and iOS mobile devices. According to a report from International Data Corporation (IDC), global shipments of smartphones are expected to exceed feature phones while tablets are expected to surpass netbook/notebook shipments this year. In fact, IDC says that smart connected devices will have more than one billion shipments going to emerging markets by 2014.

With Android and iOS making up about 90 percent of the smartphone market share, it’s no wonder why the two OSs have LogMeIn’s attention. In February, it released a new Android support app. LogMeIn recently released a new Rescue iOS app. This app is designed to simplify remote support of iPhones and iPads for both help desk technicians and end users.

If the user downloads the Rescue app from the Apple App Store, all they have to do is give the technician permission to access their device. Information about the mobile device such as who the carrier is, OS version, system info, running processes and more is then available for diagnostics.

This is a process that can be used on the go with practically no down time for both Android and iOS devices. It is a simple and convenient way to resolve problems. In most cases, once the connection is established, the app provides the opportunity to push a variety of fixes and configuration settings to the mobile device. These fixes can include general settings like e-mail, network and Wi-Fi, as well as business settings, like passcode and restrictions settings. This allows the technician to quickly connect to, diagnose, configure and remotely troubleshoot common iOS issues.

Kevin Bardos, vice president of customer care products at LogMeIn, said, "When it comes to mobile support innovation, our strategy is to understand and solve for the issues at mobile's bleeding edge, the telcos and OEMs and then bring this experience to a much broader IT audience. With more than 50 of the world's biggest telcos and OEMs as customers, we believe we have unique insight into today's most pressing mobile support challenges and a preview into the needs of tomorrow's mobile-centric IT organization. We see Rescue Click2Fix as a direct result of that strategy - a solution born from mobile's most demanding helpdesks and well suited to empower any helpdesk agent to solve complex mobile device problems in a simple way."

The new Android app has been available since late February and the new iOS app is available now to all LogMeIn Rescue customers using Rescue’s mobile capabilities. LogMeIn is offering a free 14 day trial.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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