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July 03, 2013

Amazon's GameCircle Loses Kindle Exclusivity, Now Available on Android Devices

There is a void in the Android ecosystem in which mobile gamers can broadly sync their progress, achievements and leaderboard data between multiple devices. While Google fine-tunes its own Google Play game service, the company's answer to Apple's Game Center that is currently in development, Amazon has chosen to not sit quietly and wait around.

Amazon's GameCircle just received a major upgrade that will bring the expansion of the service to all Android devices. GameCircle was first introduced last year as a new gaming experience designed only for the Kindle Fire. There are currently over 500 different titles that support the gaming service. 

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Though Google doesn’t explicitly state how many Android titles it supports with Game Services, over 1,000 results are produced when searching “game services” in the Play store.

While both Amazon's GameCircle and Google's Play game service allow a game's information to be stored in the cloud, only Amazon's service will be restricted to Android-only devices. The Google Play game service will be available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms, according to an announcement made at this year's I/O conference.

In addition to expanding their device support, Amazon stated that its Whispersync technology is “now even easier to use than before.” According to a blog post by Amazon, this new setup will automatically resolve conflicts and provide a queue that will save any new information that comes when the device is offline. Developers can concentrate on using game data, and a copy of that data is available if developers need it.

The Android platform as a whole offers Amazon a much larger and more lucrative user base than if the company were to limit itself to its Kindle Fire line of products. Developers who are unsatisfied with Google Play game services or are looking for closer integration with Amazon’s own hardware may be attracted to Amazon's latest offering.

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