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July 17, 2013

Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S4 with LoJack for Mobile Devices

Absolute Software is a company that specializes in technology and services for the management and security of mobile devices, such as computers, netbooks and of course, smartphones. Absolute Software provides individuals with the ability to physically recover stolen mobile devices and remotely delete sensitive files from them.

On the business side, the company delivers state-of-the-art IT asset management. This allows organizations to reduce IT costs, address regulatory compliance, combat computer theft, and optimize the productivity of its computer, netbook, and smartphone devices.

Who would not want to have that type of peace of mind? When it comes to smartphones and BYODs, a lot of information can be lost, or misused by the person who stole the device. Today, July 17, 2013, Absolute Software Corporation announced the release of LoJack for Mobile Devices. 

According to PRNewswire, the product is available for purchase. This version is designed to protect Android smartphones. The first device to be protected is the Samsung Galaxy S4. This adds to the company’s list of products designed to provide security and management solutions for computers, laptops and ultra-portable devices.

Mark Grace, vice president, consumer at Absolute Software said, "Absolute's Computrace and LoJack for Laptops have provided trusted theft protection and theft recovery for laptops and desktop computers for almost 20 years. Now we have expanded our support through LoJack for Mobile Devices to Android smartphones, starting with the Samsung GALAXY S4. Smartphone theft is a worldwide epidemic; I commend Samsung for working with us to take steps to stop this serious issue using Absolute persistence technology. With Absolute persistence technology embedded in Samsung GALAXY S4 smartphones, the owner can activate the 'kill switch' and with LoJack for Mobile Devices tracking and location solution, those responsible for theft can be identified or located and held accountable."

Absolute Computrace allows organizations to centrally track and secure all of their endpoints within a single cloud-based console. Computers and mobile devices can be remotely managed and secured to ensure that endpoint IT compliance processes are properly implemented and enforced.

Sherriff Leon Lott of the Richland County Sherriff’s Department followed Grace’s comments by saying, "Laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones embedded with Absolute persistence, and protected with Absolute Computrace, allow investigators such as ours to work collaboratively with the Absolute Investigations and Recovery’s team to recover these devices when they are reported stolen. Now that Absolute persistence is embedded in the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, device thieves will be deterred and if they are stolen, we can work with the Absolute Recovery team to recover them."

If you have ever wondered where the name LoJack came from, it was coined to be the antithesis of hijack. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and are interested in LoJacking it, LoJack for Mobile Devices is available with a starting price of $29.99 for a one-year subscription.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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