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July 24, 2013

Opera Mediaworks Issues State of Mobile Advertising Report

There is very little doubt that Apple has managed to make a pretty penny off of their iOS formats. Whether talking about the iPad, the iPhone or the iPod, the company has taken great steps in making sure that its work has led to big time dollars. In fact, a new report has surfaced that Apple is the number one company in the world when it comes to revenues and monetization of its platform. The report also said that while Apple has been incredibly successful in generating money, Android is hot in pursuit.

Google’s operating system is apparently so close in the competition thanks in large part to Samsung’s efforts in the mobile device realm. Opera Mediaworks has released its State of Mobile Advertising report and there are quite a few interesting findings in this quarter’s report. Among those findings is that the iPhone and Android phones are neck and neck when it comes to impressions. iPhone is the clear revenue winner, but its lead is shrinking all the time.

When it comes to mobile impressions, there are some other rather interesting facts showing up in Opera’s latest report. One of the most interesting is that the United States is leading the pack in a big way when it comes to mobile shopping. In total, three out of every four dollars spent in mobile transactions occurred inside the United States.

Mahi de Silva CEO of Opera Mediaworks talked about the impact of the newest report, and what it means for the technology field in general: "While iOS still remains the leader, we are seeing new categories rise, new regions emerge and new technologies take shape. Opera Mediaworks' total impression volume grew 43 percent year over year, and the increases will only get bigger as we approach the end of 2013."

Edited by Alisen Downey

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