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August 30, 2013

A New Player in the Managed Mobility Game - Your Carrier

By TMCnet Special Guest
Daniel Rudich, Senior Vice President, Tangoe

Organizations have been benefiting from the increased productivity and flexibility the mobile revolution has brought to the working world for quite some time. However, with thousands of employees bringing in one or more types of devices that need to access corporate systems, the problem has become too complicated for enterprises to manage on their own. The quick, simple solutions are no longer enough, and the market is transitioning to where enterprises need a single solution that helps them manage their entire mobile environment. These needs can range from data security, expense management and roaming control to a fully managed help desk to support employee questions and device logistics.

With enterprises starting to seek a full suite of Managed Mobility Services (MMS) to help them take control over the growing cost of mobility, they are still uncertain of who to turn to for this support. Some have tried to patch together multiple disparate systems, but have had limited success. Others are looking to a new place to solve their mobility management challenges – their wireless carrier.

A fundamental shift in the MMS market is on the horizon, as carriers have started to emerge as a strong contender for the MMS business and many are having tremendous success. Carriers such as Rogers Communications, Orange and Vodafone are leading the charge in this arena.

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It’s no surprise that this shift is occurring. Enterprises trust their longtime wireless carriers and already rely on them for a variety of services. Soon, managed mobility services will become just another item enterprises can check off the list of services their carrier provides-- along with phone and internet. Carriers can offer a wide variety of managed mobility services including device management, application management and expense management.

MMS solutions provide enterprises with many benefits, including helping them to lower mobile operational costs while increasing mobile user productivity. By outsourcing these services and capabilities to a wireless carrier, enterprise can reap the many benefits of MMS without having that burden in-house.

From the carrier’s perspective, offering MMS services is a smart strategy that rounds out their services, up-levels their offerings, and offers more complete support for their customers’ mobile strategy.

As carriers enter the enterprise market, they need to make sure they have the right tools and partners available. Carriers have a few options. They can partner with a compilation of vendors to piece together their MMS portfolio. Or, they can partner with a single vendor that offers an integrated MMS solution.

An integrated MMS offering provides several benefits in terms of increased efficiency and cost savings, which are in turn passed along to the enterprise end user. For example, when an employee leaves the company, an integrated system can make the entire process of deactivating the employee’s mobile device seamless. Human Resources can automatically notify the IT department to turn off service and wipe the device, and the procurement department can ship a box so the employee can mail the device back. Through this integration, the carrier can provide seamless services that directly benefit the enterprise.

In a world that doesn’t switch off, mobile devices in the workplace will only continue to present enterprises with challenges. As enterprises seek to more easily implement solutions for managing their mobile environments, I predict carriers will take on a much larger role.  

Daniel Rudich is a proven sales, marketing and business development executive with over 15 years of experience in new product introductions and market segment creation in high revenue growth environments. Mr. Rudich has closed millions of dollars of software licensing transactions with leading Mobility and Telecom companies such as Sprint, Bell, Intel and AMD. He has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and International Business from McGill University and an MBA with a concentration in Business Strategy from Yale. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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