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September 12, 2013

SOA Software Launches Mobile Application Gateway Solution

For years, SOA Software, a privately held company that is well-known (Positioned as a Leader and Honored by American Business Awards) in the service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance market, has been marketing products that have enabled customers to accelerate their adoption of SOA and APIs. Its experience has provided companies a comprehensive suite of API Management products that harness the power of their technology and transform their businesses. 

According to Randy Heffner, an analyst that has been a driving force for Forrester's research on application architecture trends, the Forrester Wave report (January 2012) revealed the following statement about SOA Software: [The company] “has the strongest functionality and average scores on strategy; its particular strengths are in its core repository, policy management, support for life-cycle management processes, and integration features.”

So far, with the enterprises in mind, SOA Software has delivered solutions to build application programming interfaces (APIs) and services based on current and planned needs in a secure, scalable environment—either in the cloud or on-premises. Both options allow customers the opportunity to build the right API inside or outside their enterprise.

The SOA management vendor reported this week the launch of a new Mobile Application Gateway that would accelerate “the process of externalizing applications, services and data for mobile consumption by customers, employees, partners and developers.”

This is the company’s newest development solution that is easy to deploy and able to accelerate mobile application development by externalizing enterprise applications, service requests and responses for easy on-the-go consumption. The platform makes available APIs for mobile apps without requiring a parallel or redundant infrastructure, the company explained.

With the Mobile Application Gateway, an end-user has an easy way to connect and access APIs. Valid users and applications get access to their APIs through advanced security enforcement and threat protection; thus, unauthorized access is prevented and availability is permitted only to those authorized. Permitting availability will enable organizations to plan, build, run and share enterprise services and APIs.

What's more, it meets performance and service delivery needs; it allows API operations across the enterprise, while providing greater reliability, productivity and agility that businesses are seeking for their SOA initiatives.

SOA Softwares’ Mobile Application Gateway will make things easier for orchestrating between applications and services; this is in addition to providing comprehensive mediation capabilities between existing and legacy security standards. It is also capable of optimizing the user experience for mobile apps while leveraging the enterprise current services and its applications, which help drive business value.

This product is of the essence to allow SOA Software to reach out to more API consumers and have them reuse their existing resources in new and innovative ways, such as helping users maximize the value of SOA investments.

Furthermore, it is an apt solution to encourage businesses to fast-track API deployment and drive developer adoption, affirmed SOA Software. It publicized that it “reduces the time and cost across the lifecycle of the mobile app and the API…” The product is able to fit into a company’s business and technical landscape and meet their needs for rapid, flexible integration across diverse systems with a host of other native/proprietary protocols (like Microsoft Net.TCP and IBM WebSphere MQ, or security protocols such as Kerberos); just as it is set to support multiple message formats including SOAP and REST for metadata and documentation.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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