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September 18, 2013

VPISystems Launches Industry's First Policy Analytics Offering for Mobile

VPISystems, a provider of continuous predictive network analytics, network capacity planning, network optimization and subscriber quality assurance, recently announced the availability of their OnePlan Policy Analytics offering. This is the industry’s first policy analytics offering and looks to make strides in providing services for mobile operators. With this development, mobile operators will be able to create policies that accurately reflect their subscribers’ behaviors, preferences and network conditions. Additionally, it will allow mobile operators to model and analyze network requirements for new business opportunities and promotions by ways of the existing Policy Charging and Rules Function (PCRF) event records or logs.

OnePlan policy Analytics is designed to give mobile operators the ability to analyze when, where, and what policies are applied, thereby providing visibility into subscriber usage patterns, as well as network hotspots and policy administration.

Tito Sharma, president and chief executive officer at VPISystems, stated, “The telecom market today as it continues to roll out LTE services is marked by intense competition and constant change.”

That being said, providers need to continue innovating in order to even stand a chance of remaining relevant. Operators are thus forced to adapt constantly; that’s where OnePlan Policy Analytics comes in. This development aims to provide further insight to customer activity and therefore promote increasing revenue.

With the help of OnePlan, mobile operators can create customized tariff plans based on each individual customer’s usage, pricing, and quality and service preferences. This will improve customer satisfaction as well as network operations – a win-win situation.

The predicted benefits from this offering include: customized policies to create services that match subscribers’ preferences and needs; understanding the impact of new policies before they are implemented into the network; increasing revenue with up-sell opportunities and promotions; targeting subscriber segments based on device, application, or usage information for new services; and improving network performance and subscriber quality of service.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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