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September 26, 2013

Opera Mediaworks Facilitates Mobile Voice and Video Advertising with New Suite

Opera Mediaworks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Software, has doubled down on mobile advertising with a new suite of products meant to help brands, advertisers and marketers better engage the ever-growing smartphone and tablet audience. Indeed, this suite heavily leverages video and voice, two of the most used features on mobile devices and two of the best ways to capture user attention.

In other words, this suite enables advertisers to seamlessly execute media-rich campaigns from start to finish using the Opera Mediaworks platform. Specifically, publishers can access these capabilities through the AdMarvel platform and SDK, while advertisers can do so via Mobile Theory and 4th Screen Advertising.

This new mobile push from Opera Mediaworks closely resembles that of Google Web Designer, a tool nearing release that helps publishers and advertisers better connect with multi-screen users by making the creation of media-focused, cross-platform advertising campaigns much easier.

"As mobile display is poised to overtake mobile search, leading brands and agencies are focused on ad formats and creative that drive engagement," said Mahi de Silva, CEO of Opera Mediaworks, in a statement. "Rich-media ad formats using video and audio ads have proven to have much higher engagement and conversion rates. Opera Mediaworks provides the most comprehensive platform, with quick and effective ways for brands to reach and engage their target audience."

Opera Mediaworks’ new mobile video and voice advertising suite is made up of three key components: Mediaworks VideoRich, Mediaworks Voice and Mediaworks Studio.

Mediaworks VideoRich leverages the core AdMarvel SDK to help advertisers create interactive overlays to their mobile video campaigns, from simple social media integration to full media playback. Mediaworks Voice, meanwhile, leverages technology from Nuance Communications as well as the AdMarvel SDK to allow advertisers to interact with customer through voice. Finally, Mediaworks Studio allows agencies to build pre-certified video content and easily deliver it across ad networks.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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