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October 01, 2013

Digital Management Inc. Acquires Mobile Application Solutions Provider

Digital Management Inc. (DMI) is a global provider of solutions and services. It incorporates mobile technologies with big data insights to help drive better business performance for its clients. DMI’s commitment ranges from enterprise mobility and cyber security solutions to managed services and application development.

DMI creates mobile solutions for the enterprise. Its clients include both commercial and government sites. In fact, if it is possible to do so, DMI has been named one of the 50 best places to work in the Washington D.C. Who would have thought that there was even one! In the last three years the company has also seen a 960 percent growth rate.

On the strategic consulting side, DMI is involved with strategic planning, program management and integrated cloud and social media strategy. DMI also provides infrastructure services such as design, network integration and operations as well as mobile device management.

Golden Gekko is a leading mobile solution provider in North America and Europe. The company has developed over 1,500 mobile sites and apps in just the last five years. Golden Gekko works with all of the OS platforms that include Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry.

This morning, Oct. 1, 2013 at 8 a.m., DMI announced that it has completed the acquisition of Golden Gekko. This transaction brings the DMI fold some of the best mobile designers. It lays down the foundation for a series of mobile apps specifically tailored for the retail, financial services and healthcare industries.

Of the 1,500 mobile apps that Golden Gekko has developed, over 400 of them were done just this year alone. I spoke with Magnus Jern last week who is the founder of Golden Gekko. The company was founded in 2005 and has experienced tremendous growth since. 

This is not surprising. Some of their current clients include top brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Jack Daniels, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, ESPN, Mango MNG, Unilever, Nike and Toyota. For these companies, Golden Gekko was able to create a series of cross-platform mobile apps geared towards their particular needs.

Track 180 is an iPad app conceived, designed, developed and supported by Golden Gekko. The app is ways to explore global issues and directly connect to people that are making a difference. Not only has this app been rated 4+ in the app store, but it has more than once been quoted as “one cool app.”

This is the future that Golden Gekko is bringing to the DMI family. Jay Sunny Bajaj, who is president and CEO of DMI, told me that he is delighted to be working with Magnus and Golden Gekko’s expertise. Being a recognized leader in interactive and mobile design, Golden Gekko won “Best Consumer App” for the 2012 Mobile Entertainment awards, and has been named finalist for “Best Consumer App” and “Best Enterprise App” for 2013.

You can see that Golden Gekko will be bringing a lot to the table. Not too much will change for now. The Golden Gekko name will remain. Magnus will assume the role of president of the mobile applications solution division.

On the other end, Magnus told me that in the past couple of years he has received a lot of offers for his company. Until now, all of offers were rejected. When DMI came along both companies felt that they were a perfect fit for each other.

Sunny made the following comments: “The mobile devices sweeping the world today are dramatically changing the way we live and work. The real drivers of this sea of change are the mobile apps that give workers and consumers incredible new access to information, community and processing power. We are proud to make Golden Gekko a part of DMI. The Golden Gekko team is at the leading edge of this mobile revolution – building mobile apps and solutions that are unmatched for their robust enterprise functionality and elegant design.”

DMI offers Golden Gekko more global options and the financial strength to move ahead with more projects. Combined with one stop shopping company DMI, they can leverage each other’s strengths to deliver more to large clients on a global level. Golden Gekko works closely with its enterprise customers. This leads to a cooperative working environment where both sides work on solving issues and delivering the best product and services possible.

Magnus said, “Joining DMI is an exciting new step for our company. Together with DMI, we’ll be able to quickly expand our business on a global scale. By combining our application solutions capabilities with DMI’s managed service and integration strengths, we’ll be able to offer more complete, enterprise-class solutions and services to our customers.”

This kind of individual experience will lead to mobile solutions and technologies that will become the foundation for retail, financial services and healthcare solutions. They will deliver a personalized experience to mobile users by combining interactive design, real-time big data insights and advanced enterprise system integration.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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