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March 13, 2014

Enhanced eLTE Broadband Trunking Solution is Introduced at CeBIT 2014 by Huawei

Chinese multinational network and telecommunications company Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is considered to be the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world. It has developed the world's first 100 megabyte professional broadband trunking solution. It is based on enterprise LTE (eLTE) technology.

This solution is designed to address the evolution of trunking technology, from voice to multimedia within private networks in vertical industries. Today, narrow-band trunking is widely applied in different industries in order to enhance operational efficiency.

However, due to lack of broadband data capabilities, the result is that industry customers must often deploy two set of networks. One network is used for voice while the other is used for data services. Huawei is the first telecommunications company to combine voice and video dispatching on a single broadband network.

With Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution, the command center can dispatch police, firemen, and medical personnel to deal with emergencies through voice trunking service. At the same time, staff can upload onsite videos to the command center.

This has major benefits for the the command center as it can than forward the video to all related group members. This gives them the added ability of being able to actually see the problem. This efficient visualized dispatching not only improves operational efficiency but also saves lives.

This morning, at CeBIT 2014, in Hanover, Germany, Huawei introduced a new, enhanced version of its eLTE broadband trunking solution. This new version has been named eLTE 3.1 Broadband Trunking Solution. It is designed to take on the challenge which is being brought to existing LTE networks by big data.

In addition to being world's largest computer expo, CeBIT is also the most international. The trade fair is held each year on the Hanover fairground, which oddly enough, is also the world's largest fairground. CeBIT is considered to be a barometer of the state of the art in information technology.

At the end of last year, Huawei was set to design innovative eLTE network solutions to address specific application scenarios for the public sector, transportation, energy and other industries globally for customers as ot had already signed 46 contracts.

Huawei deployed the world's first 3.7GHz eLTE wireless broadband data access network in Ozaworice, Poland. This network covers large rural areas across the country. The new network provides strong and stable internet access to local residents, thus accelerating the ability of sharing information with the local community.

Norman Frisch, who is the director of marketing for Huawei’s enterprise wireless solution sales department, said, "As the first vendor in the industry to adopt LTE technologies in the enterprise domain, Huawei has demonstrated deep understanding of customers' needs. With in-depth experience in the industry and upcoming technology trends, we are pleased to introduce the eLTE 3.1 broadband trunking solution. Aimed to develop smarter cities with eLTE, the new eLTE 3.1 broadband trunking solution will feature multiple frequency band support, flexible networking and strong adaption in harsh environments, enhancing overall operational efficiency of enterprises."

According to Huawei, in order to enable the development of smart, safe cities, the eLTE 3.1 Broadband Trunking Solution includes the following features:

  • Smart management: Huawei eLTE solutions provide ubiquitous broadband network coverage. With high bandwidth rates (100 Mbit/s downlink rate and 50 Mbit/s uplink rate) and low delay, eLTE networks provide a broadband platform to transmit services such as wireless HD video surveillance and data collection.
  • Enhanced communication: Huawei eLTE solutions support broadband trunking services. When dealing with public safety matters, government agencies can use the voice trunking service group call and visualized monitoring functions to deliver commands to a group of firefighters or police officers, to coordinate staff in the same or different departments to carry out rescue operations and ensure public safety.
  • Efficient Operation: Huawei eLTE solutions provide mobile broadband services to government staff to enable them to work anytime, anywhere, enhancing government management competencies and staff efficiency.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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