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June 30, 2014

Voxox Targets Mainstream Communication with Latest Update

Voxox, a popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app, released a significant update adding group messaging and media sharing to the already robust list of offered features.

VoIP systems rely on the Internet instead of the public telephone network to relay communications such as voice, SMS and fax, the most popular examples perhaps being Skype and Apple’s Facetime. Users of Voxox can replace traditional cellphone plans with the service and significantly reduce cost without losing much functionality; it can even come with a unique phone number.

The original app offered free calling and texting/instant messaging with other Voxox users anywhere in the world, with low rates for communicating with non-users. The latest iteration adds group messaging, a feature that was badly needed, in addition to virtually unlimited media sharing capabilities.

The best savings to be had with Voxox is with international communication, which is considerably pricey using traditional phone plans. As long as both users have the app installed, text and voice messages can be traded anywhere in the world that has access to mobile data or Wi-Fi.

International messaging also seems to be ideal with Voxox thanks to its translation capabilities. The app  features an on-the-fly service that translates communication with people speaking different languages in real time, virtually eliminating language barriers (assuming the users refrain from excessive slang). This seems especially useful in the case of international group messaging, where there would potentially be several people from several countries attempting to converse in a single forum.

The substantial rise of VoIP services over the last few years brings into question the need for traditional phone networks. If this solution is much cheaper, easier, and more reliable than older methods, would it not make sense to focus efforts on improving mobile data and/or Wi-Fi accessibility around the world and abandoning traditional phone networks?

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