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September 04, 2014

NEBI.MOBI Offers New Smartphone Sans Service Providers

One of the most frustrating aspects of cell phone use is the hassle that comes with service provider contracts. It forces customers to stick to a particular provider for a stipulated time, irrespective of the quality of service offered by the cell phone company. Many times, the service quality and customer support is so poor that it leaves customers more angry than happy. Furthermore, the data, text and calling plans offered by cell phone companies are becoming expensive by the day, thereby saddling customers with additional financial burden.

To free customers from the above problems that come with cell phone contracts, Nebi.Mobi is offering a new alternative. This company plans to use open Wi-Fi networks and its own hotspots to support data and calling plans for its subscribers. Wi-Fi networks have become highly capable and efficient over the last few years which means, it can support data transfer easily. Moreover, Wi-Fi is not controlled by any government agency, so there is no need to pay any fees to the government.  If users need more data coverage when they travel beyond public Wi-Fi spots, then they can subscribe to low-cost plans.

Furthermore, this company is looking to tap into Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to allow users to make calls for a low value. This service does not come with any contract and is unlocked internationally. Moreover, it supports all GSM networks, AT&T, MetroPCS and T-Mobile. An added bonus is that users do not have to pay any tax, shipping or handling charges. 

To implement its ideas, Nebi.Mobi has turned to crowd-sourcing. It has so far collected $2,746 out of a projected $50,000. Early contributors have been promised an EVE 008 smartphone even if the owners of Nebi.Mobi do not reach their collection target.

It will be interesting to see how this company goes forward with its grand plans. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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