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March 12, 2015

To Better Manage Companies' Mobile Ecosystems, MOBI Has New Enterprise Capabilities

MOBI is a managed service vendor whose aim is to help enterprises power their wireless strategies. MOBI is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) software provider. The company’s goal is to allow enterprises to manage wireless according to their needs. It is with this in mind that MOBI announced that it has recently acquired a Carmel, Indiana-based professional services firm that specializes in mobile solutions.

The name of the acquired company, whose motto is “The right solutions for the right clients at the right time,” is ArchTech Enterprises. MOBI has already integrated ArchTech’s engineering capabilities into its managed mobility service (MMS) in order to make it easier for enterprises to control their mobile devices. In a prepared statement, MOBI President, Mitch Black said "By leveraging ArchTech's technical expertise, our own engineering services team will be even further differentiated as a value-add resource."

We are at a point when a great number of enterprises rely on cloud-based solutions for a lot of their services. In addition to providing reliable services, these solutions offer companies a way of cutting costs by requiring only small in-house data or call centers infrastructures. MOBI has integrated ArchTech’s engineering capabilities with its own MMS in an effort to ensure cloud availability and data security.

Mitch Black said, “While most MMS providers focus solely on device logistics, we believe today’s organizations need insightful guidance when it comes to actually implementing, engineering and administering EMM software. By leveraging ArchTech’s technical expertise, our own engineering services team will be even further differentiated as a value-add resource.”

While there is a convenience and cost-saving aspect to cloud-based services, there is a flip side to the coin. What happens if the cloud service becomes unavailable? The answer can be found in a recent study conducted by 451 Research.

According to the study, if a cloud outage did occur and lasted for just a single day, business operations would be severely impacted for more than three quarters of the enterprises involved. While the same can be said if in-house servers went down, the scope of the effect that a cloud service going down has is so widespread that the results could be devastating.

Black says, “The truth is that many enterprises lack either the infrastructure or the technical expertise to use mobility in a strategic way, when in fact mobility is more critical to business processes than ever. MOBI’s managed mobility software platform and engineering capabilities protect organizations’ data, optimize employees’ mobile accessibility to critical cloud-based applications, and help companies unlock the full potential of mobility to drive efficiency and productivity.” 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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