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February 08, 2016

MorphoTrust and Confirm.io Collaborating on Next-Gen Mobile Solutions

More and more transactions are being carried out on mobile portfolios, which obviously has created the need for robust security precautions to protect sensitive data. Another less-talked-about aspect of this trend is the need for infallible identity verification procedures, so that consumers and businesses alike can be confident in who they’re doing business with.

MorphoTrust and Confirm.io are two companies focused on mobile identity authentication that recently announced a strategic alliance in which they will combine their strengths to advance cutting-edge solutions in this field. The main result of this collaboration will be enterprise-class mobile software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide developers with next-gen advanced user verification and mobile facial recognition capabilities.

“All commercial companies have some level of identity risk, but with the rise of the sharing economy, peer-to-peer business models and more and more transactions moving to online, companies have an unmet need to make sure people are who they claim to be,” said Bob Geiman, Chairman and Co-Founder of Confirm.io “Enterprises also have an opportunity to build relationships across a community of trusted customers in a way that enables these new business models to thrive because risk is managed and the vision of these systems becomes a reality.”

MorphoTrust specializes in biometric identification and documentation authentication technology. The company’s existing SDK and API portfolio has received heavy implementation in government identity programs, providing the robust underpinnings of the products that will arise from this partnership. Meanwhile, Confirm.io offers tools to link physical identification documentation with digital identities through its own set of APIs and SDKs. The company is known for the consumer-friendliness of its technologies, which will complement the technological strength but lackluster user interface of MorphoTrust’s portfolio.

“When we were looking for a go-to-market partner, the thing that struck us about Confirm.io is that they aren’t simply an identity technology company; they believe what we believe,” said Bob Eckel, President and CEO of MorphoTrust. “We have a shared vision of simplifying and securing lives, while enabling new business models, and that makes them an ideal partner.”

Mobile devices are gaining increasing significance in people’s daily lives with no sign of this trend slowing down, and it’s quite possible that one day they will completely replace traditional forms of identity documentation. Technology coming from these two companies’ strategic alliance will almost certainly form the underpinnings of this new identification system, but for now they will simply play a large role in elevating the security effectiveness of these devices and constructing a robust framework of trust among consumers and businesses.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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