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February 16, 2016

SAP Launches Symsoft-Powered SMS Firewall Solution

Enterprise software provider SAP SE just signed a software license and distribution agreement with Symsoft, the operator division of CLX Communications, regarding the Symsoft SMS Firewall solution. SAP will deliver the solution to mobile operators around the world in order to help them secure their networks, complementing the company’s range of enterprise software dedicated to help businesses manage operations and customer relations.

“SAP's expertise in the enterprise-to-consumers and people-to-people messaging business has helped us create the SAP SMS Firewall 365 mobile service, which identifies unsolicited SMS traffic and helps operators drive revenue,” said Sethu M, President of SAP Mobile Services. “Our collaboration with Symsoft combines our SMS interconnect expertise and Symsoft’s fraud management capabilities, and puts us in a partnership position with mobile operators to help them offset network investment with financial return.”

Application-to-person (A2P) and machine-to-machine (M2M) messaging has grown in popularity as an effective marketing channel, providing a way for companies to send text messages directly to customers. Symsoft SMS Firewall allows operators to control this traffic so they can increase revenue, protect subscribers from spam and fraudulent messages and keep this channel from being devalued by proliferation of irrelevant content. This is accomplished by blocking traffic carried out over unpaid gray routes or faked SMSC (short message service center) identities, blocking SIM farms that use cheap P2P bundles to send messages and filtering out spammy content.

“We are very excited about the global agreement with SAP,” said Johan Rosendahl, managing director for Symsoft. “Our extensive SMS Firewall solution, together with SAP’s strong market presence and in-depth industry knowledge, provides a best-of-breed solution for mobile operators. We can confidently address existing needs globally to strengthen mobile network security and improve monetization of the important A2P SMS channel.”

The solution also includes monetization features for A2P SMS, giving operators tools for increasing their own revenues on networks they manage instead of only limiting the undeserved advantages for competitors and spammers. Firewall update services ensure the rule-based system is always kept at the top of its game and can handle the latest fraud cases. Symsoft SMS Firewall is a fully managed solution that brings about important business enhancements such as improved efficiency and the ability to better allocate human resources, and the company offers its industry-tested expertise to ensure the solution is implemented in the most effective manage possible.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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