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October 31, 2011

MobiNet Deploys Minerva's xTVFusion 5 for Broadband TV

MobiNet has successfully deployed the new xTVFusion 5 for Broadband TV platform. An announcement in this regard has been made by the top provider of carrier-class platforms, Minerva Networks. The Broadband TV platform is used for the delivery of television services over IP networks. MobiNet is a new business of Etex. The delivery of television services over a 4G LTE network in northeastern Texas has been successfully tested by MobiNet.

MobiNet was formed as a subsidiary of Etex to expand into new service areas. MobiNet successfully tested the television services like HD-like broadcast television, video-on-demand or VOD and Internet TV. These services were delivered over its 4G LTE broadband wireless network at low bandwidths of 3 Mbps.

NetAmerica is an alliance of independent 4G license holders. Etex is also a member of NetAmerica. Delivering advanced 4G LTE mobile broadband solutions to rural America has been the focus of NetAmerica.

According to Charlie Cano, general manager at MobiNet, an opportunity to integrate wireline and wireless networks has been created by fourth generation or 4G wireless technology. The ultimate experience in the converged home of the future can be also delivered by 4G wireless technology.

In a release, Cano said, “We are very pleased with the performance of the Minerva xTVFusion platform over our wireless network as we believe it will open new service opportunities for customers regardless of the network technology sitting between them and the content they wish to access.”

According to Jean-Georges Fritsch, EVP of Products at Minerva Networks, operators will be able to drastically extend the reach of their television services over both wireline and wireless networks. This will be possible with the organization’s new xTVFusion for Broadband TV platform in combination with adaptive streaming technology. A great example of this is the MobiNet trial.

Fritsch said, “We are very encouraged by the positive feedback we have received from this field trial.”

In other news, Minerva Networks recently announced that xTVFusion 5 has won the TelcoTV 2011 Vision Award for Best Middleware Innovation. The Minerva platform enables operators to reach, engage, and monetize more subscribers with compelling Broadband TV services.

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