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July 17, 2008

Design Art Networks Selects TurboConcept FEC Solutions

TurboConcept today announced that DesignArt Networks has incorporated TC1000-WiMax turbo encoder/decoder solutions into its 4G Silicon Platform SoC.
“The TC1000-WiMax Core is a powerful, low-complexity and flexible core, allowing us to reach the high-speed turbo encoding and decoding performance that we needed for WiMax access and simultaneous high-capacity in-band backhaul, based on reduced die size and power consumption. We look back to a very effective integration phase, together with TurboConcept’s high-calibre engineering and support team, helping us to choose the best parameters to operate the cores according to target within the constraints of a very high performance architecture.” said Assaf Touboul, co-founder and chief technical officer of Design Art Networks.
“It is important for our customers to concentrate on their key technology and positioning, and have the highest trust on the performance and reliability when they outsource an IP Core. By providing Design Art with our optimized turbo encoder and decoder engines, we are proud to contribute to their unique positioning in the WiMax radio access and backhaul infrastructure”, said Jacky Tousch, co-founder and chief technical officer of TurboConcept.
The company said that its TC1000-WiMax turbo encoder and decoder Cores complies with WiMax fixed and mobile profiles. The cores fit in low complexity budgets and have built-in features for reduction of power consumption. Over 200 Mbits/s payload can be reached by a single core instance, according to the company. The core is flexible and offers adaptive trade-offs between performance, throughput, functionality and device footprint, company officials say.
The TC1000-WiMax Core has been adopted by community of base station and mobile station manufacturers, serving in FPGA, ASIC and SoC, company officials say.
TurboConcept is a provider of Intellectual Property Cores for advanced Forward Error Correction techniques – Turbo and LDPC codes, company officials say. It has a large portfolio of Cores covering Convolutional Turbo Codes, Turbo Product Codes and LDPC codes, addressing open specifications (for example, 3GPP-LTE, DVB-S2, WiMax, HomePlug, CCSDS, DVB-RCS) or optimized proprietary schemes. The Cores are offered as RTL source code (Verilog or VHDL) for ASIC implementation, and as synthesized netlist for Altera, Xilinx and Lattice FPGA devices, company officials say.
DesignArt Networks LTD supplies system-on-chip solutions that help 4G radio network infrastructure improving capacity, high-density deployments with ubiquitous outdoor and indoor coverage, officials say.
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