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March 25, 2009

Traffix Systems Launch Full LTE Support

Traffix Systems, the Next Generation Control Plane and Diameter expert, announced today the addition of Long Term Evolution (LTE) Diameter support across its product portfolio.
The company works in the Control Plane market, with a range of Next Generation Networks (NGN) Control Plane and Diameter solutions. The company claims that their products enable end users to bridge and secure NGN and legacy networks and to connect network functionality across different wireline and wireless technologies.  
“With the wide adoption of Long Term Evolution (LTE) of the access network and System Architecture Evolution (SAE) for the core network, vendors need to expand their Diameter capabilities” commented Lenny Ridel, Traffix CTO. “Our Diameter products portfolio offers our vendor partners the ability to upgrade and align their existing products and solutions to the latest LTE requirements.”
This new announcement places Traffix's Diameter and Control Plane products as the only complete and LTE ready solutions tuned for service providers NGN and LTE needs.
Traffix product portfolio includes:
  • Diameter Gateway – bridging NGN and IMS Diameter based services with legacy protocols such as RADIUS, LDAP, CAMEL and HTTP.
  • Diameter Load Balancer – Enables to manage, secure and scale NGN and IMS networks, by using advanced Diameter Load Balancing mechanisms.
  • OpenBloX Diameter stack – Over 50 interfaces including all 3GPP release 6, 7 and 8 Diameter interfaces.
LTE, or 3GPP Release 8, sets high goals for the telecom industry with target average user throughput of three- to four-times the Release 6 HSDPA levels in the Downlink (100Mbps), and two to three times the HSUPA levels in the Uplink (50Mbps).
Company officials stated, “Traffix solutions are designed from inception to address NGN and IMS Control Plane challenges and offer service providers full solution for their Control Plane needs, ranging from - Diameter Gateway, Diameter Load Balancing, Diameter routing, analytics and end to end Control Plane security mechanisms.”

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Edited by Jessica Kostek

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