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May 08, 2012

WiFi 3 Technology Benefits Defined

The overwhelming data demand in today’s wireless networks has become a significant challenge. Smartphones, tablets and other devices that connect to these wireless networks compete for this limited cellular spectrum and mobile carriers, WISPS and enterprise customers who need throughput performance further accelerate this demand. Edgewater Wireless Access Point products however seem to provide a solution. These next generation WiFi 3 solutions will be able to meet the accelerating demand for cost-effective, high capacity throughput networks.

These WiFi3 enabled Access Points have a performance improvement with 50 times more exponential throughput capacity than single-channel Access Points (APs). Since hardware investments and installation services dominate the deployment costs, WiFi 3 technology will reduce the number of Access Points required per deployment while still supporting multiple internal wireless needs by use of encryption settings and unique SSIDs. WiFi3 also comes with multiple virtual channels where each channel can be configured for specific media types. Since streaming video applications are known to impact on voice and data services, service providers can now offer voice and data plans without impacting QoS.

In an environment that has multiple access points, interferences will reduce bandwidth density. WiFi 3, however, uses power-zoning to help detect and calibrate the optimal settings for Access Point thereby maximizes QoS for customers operating on the same wireless channel. In addition, operational costs can be reduced as customer quality is improved through remote site surveying that ensures that each access point is working optimally.

Even with all these advanced features, security remains a top priority. Edgewater Wireless access points used onboard advanced intrusion detection to ensure that no rogue access points have been deployed and that all access points are operating on sanctioned channels. The access points can also be paired with a security application where channels can be dedicated to scanning while the other channels continue to provide communication.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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