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David Gitonga is a Web developer and freelance content creator working with various clients in setting up websites, blogs and writing Web content on a regular basis. He is also actively involved in creating social media content for SEO and runs a website.

Latest Articles

03/05/2013 Net Nanny Comes to iOS
02/28/2013 Pantech to use Radvision's BEEHD Video Client Framework to Create Handsets Supporting High-Quality Video Transmissions over 4G LTE
02/28/2013 EXFO Helps Field Agents Troubleshoot LTE, Gigabit Network Connections with Packet Synchronization in NetBlazer 2.0
02/25/2013 The Official Release Event for the Samsung Galaxy SIV Scheduled for New York on March 14
02/25/2013 Torres Networks Designing a Mobile Offload Gateway
02/21/2013 Sprylogics Helps Mobile Phone Service Operators Fight the IM and OTT Messaging Invasion
02/19/2013 NETGEAR Teams Up with Global Wireless Technologies to Deliver Efficient and Cost Effective Mobile Broadband 3G/4G LTE Solutions
02/15/2013 DonRiver Develops Platform to Allow Full Mobile OSS Support, Capabilities while Opening New Frontiers in Europe
02/08/2013 Perfecto Mobile Gives iOS App Developers MobileCloud, an iOS App Development Solution
02/05/2013's Stealth Debut at Super Bowl Reveals New Way of Linking to iOS Apps
02/04/2013 Quick Start Technology Lets You Interact with Apps While They Download
01/31/2013 Sprint Commits to Offering More Support to LTE Acceleration Lab in Israel
01/24/2013 Accessorize and Stand Out with Simplicit's New Line of Customizable iPad Stands and Kiosks
01/22/2013 Access Your Desktop Media from an iOS Device Using the Tonido App
01/22/2013 moTwin Survey Reveals Why Enterprises Are Slow in the Mobile Space Uptake
01/18/2013 Lenovo Introduces Rugged ThinkPad Chromebooks, School-Proofed Against Wear and Tear
01/18/2013 Demand for Apple Products in China Still High as iPad Mini Cellular Model Launches
11/27/2012 iPad Completely Dominates Holiday Shopping on Mobile Devices at 88.3 Percent
11/26/2012 Facebook Encourages Employees to Use Android Devices
11/16/2012 Nokia Siemens Scoops Second Position in LTE RAN Market: Dell'Oro Group Report
11/14/2012 IN Switch to Offer Over 40 New Solutions in Line with Partnering with OpenWave Mobility
11/09/2012 The European Commission Comes to the Rescue of 4G/LTE Networks
11/06/2012 Samsung Launches 'Samsung For Enterprise' Program to Find Safe Mobile Devices for Corporate Use
10/26/2012 Mobile App Testing Automation to Grow with Manual Testing Tools
10/01/2012 What Does The BuNGee Project Bring to the Table?
09/20/2012 Learn How to Code for iOs and Android in Three Months Using Treehouse Development Courses
09/20/2012 Staying in Touch with No Limits at All, Thanks to Celly's Cells
09/20/2012 SAP Afaria Mobile Device Management Solution Promises Secure Management for iOS Devices
09/13/2012 iMB-enabled Samsung 32GB LRDIMM Modules Double Server Performance by 275 Percent
09/11/2012 Locking Down Private Content on Your Android Phone Using Trend Micro's Latest Product Portfolio
09/11/2012 Mobile Signal Booster to Provide Peak Cellular Performance in Vehicles for 2G, 3G and 4G
08/24/2012 Toshiba's New High-Frequency Power Detection IC Means Longer Battery Life for Mobile Phones
08/17/2012 T-Mobile LTE Tests Approved for Federal Spectrum
08/13/2012 Verizon Unveils 20GB Shared Data Plans for $150
07/17/2012 Amazon Smartphone Inches Closer, Expected to Leverage Mobile Commerce with Payment Platform
07/16/2012 The Mobile Content Market to Reach $18.6B in 2017 with Mobile Games taking the Largest Market Share
07/12/2012 Antenova Releases a Low Cost and Highly-Efficient Global LTE Antenna Reference Design for Smartphones
06/29/2012 Segmenting the Enterprise Market in Emerging Markets Vital to Operators
06/29/2012 What are Customers Looking for in Mobile Devices?
06/19/2012 Sharp to Introduce the 'Feel UX' Interface for Android Smartphones
06/14/2012 ADTRAN Unveils BYOD Network Suite Solution
06/04/2012 4G LTE-Powered Samsung Galaxy S III Coming to Verizon Wireless
05/31/2012 Nokia Deploys World's First Intelligent 3G-4G Mobile Network
05/21/2012 High-Speed Wi-Fi Hot Zones Rolling out in Manila
05/08/2012 WiFi 3 Technology Benefits Defined
05/02/2012 Installation Accessories that Support a Wireless Connectivity Infrastructure
04/24/2012 Trilithic's Debuts EASyCAP Solution, a CAP-Compliant Alert System
04/11/2012 AT&T Rebrands 'Rethink Possible' to include 'It's What You Do With What We Do' Phrase
03/22/2012 FCC Plans to Open Satellite Airwaves to More Wireless Phones
03/16/2012 Is the Free 4G USB Modem from Sprint Really Free?