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July 12, 2012

Antenova Releases a Low Cost and Highly-Efficient Global LTE Antenna Reference Design for Smartphones

Antenova Ltd, a developer and supplier of high-performing integrated antennas and RF solutions for consumer electronics, wireless communications and wireless M2M devices, has announced their latest creation, an LTE Antenna Reference Design for Smartphones, which covers the global LTE bands. The efficient design does not use switches or turntable active components, making it a much cheaper antenna system for Smartphones.

According to the CEO of Antenova, Greg McCray, “LTE is the fastest developing mobile system technology ever and is on every mobile device makers’ roadmap.” He said this, however, imposes “great challenges on the antenna system.” The U.S. market has driven LTE devices to operate in the 700 MHz band. With LTE networks rolling out into other regions as well, it has become necessary for devices to operate in the LTE frequency bands. This has necessitated the need to work with smartphone, notebook and tablet vendors to bring novel LTE antenna solutions to these devices. Custom antenna designs and solutions on some of these devices have also been undertaken by Antenova.

The Antenova’s Multiple-In-Multiple-Out (MIMO) configuration has been shown to provide 50 percent more efficiency over all bands with an average efficiency over all bands of 61 percent when used with A10453 fixed frequency LTE antenna. Other benefits include superior hand and head performance, the ability to isolate two antenna elements below -10dB over all bands and a return loss better than 6dB over all frequency bands and better than 10dB on LTE B7.

The A10453 LTE antenna utilizes the Antenova’s innovative antenna technology covering five cellular bands plus the LTE bands. It can also be used for Single-In-Single-Out (SISO) applications. The extremely wide frequency ranges of the LTE specifications pose technical challenges and bill of materials costs, which Antenova claims to have overcome to provide device manufacturers with an LTE Antenna Reference Design that is highly efficient across all LTE bands.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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