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February 08, 2013

Perfecto Mobile Gives iOS App Developers MobileCloud, an iOS App Development Solution

For a while now, Apple devices have had a reputation of being choosy, either in the applications they allow to be installed or in their limited capabilities of testing apps that are still under development. To go around this ‘constraint’ many developers adopt the rooting approach (jailbreaking) which messes up the iOS firewall allowing the devices to load unsigned apps.

Jailbreaking introduces a lot of system errors, which, thanks to Perfecto’s enhancement on its cloud testing, automation and monitoring solution, will be a thing of the past. The revamped MobileCloud solution will now provide a reliable way to test an iOS device remotely using an application that is specific to the device without the need to jailbreak.

With the new enhancements in place, iOS app development now stands a chance at competing with the easy-to-develop Android apps. The new solution gives independent iOS developers a chance to test their apps on a cloud-based solution with support for manual and automated testing, a build that their Android counterparts have been enjoying for a while.

Eran Yaniv, CEO of Perfecto Mobile, said that the company intends to continue evolving with the industry while giving its enterprise customers support for all the available mobile platforms. He believes that by allowing developers to test and examine their iOS applications on real devices running uncompromised operating systems, this will prove crucial in the creation of robust applications that will hold on their own when deployed to the market.

Perfecto’s approach to app testing exposes developers to the native iOS application interactions allowing them to tweak their apps using offered services to meet the expectations of a typical iOS working environment. By leveraging the remote manual/automated testing and real device monitoring options, developers can now deliver top quality apps to the market within the shortest time possible.

Clearly, Perfecto Mobile’s cloud-based solution is a timely tipper in the battle of supremacy in the smartphone market. With the now improved development environment, iOS developers can work towards narrowing the app count gap between the App Store and Google Play.

Edited by Rich Steeves

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