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November 16, 2012

Nokia Siemens Scoops Second Position in LTE RAN Market: Dell'Oro Group Report

As the technologically oriented world adds more to its gadgets, the idea of Radio Access Network technology is catching like a bushfire.

Radio access networks (RAN) are the part of mobile telecommunication that establishes that important link between mobile phones, computers and other gadgets with the core network.

Nokia Siemens is apparently in the middle of this inevitable revolution. According to a report released by Dell’Oro Group, Nokia Siemens claimed the second-largest chunk of the LTE mobile RAN market in terms of revenue in the third quarter of 2012.

Of the total revenue generated in the LTE RAN market, 41 percent came from the Asia Pacific region that has for once surpassed the competition controlled by North America.

Nokia leads the LTE RAN market in this relatively new market making it the leading non-Chinese TD-LTE RAN vendor.

The Dell’Oro report indicates that Nokia Siemens posted increased share prices in Q3 2012, which was fourfold in comparison to its performance back in 2011 when it was fourth best in the vendor list. Even though the LTE RAN market has almost tripled in size, not all providers have benefits to pin on this increase.

For instance, the leader in the Q3 2011 report has lost over half its market share over the same time span.

Commenting on the increase in the company’s hold on the market, Barry French, head of marketing and corporate affairs at Nokia Siemens Networks, expressed his belief in the company’s strategic focus to being a mobile broadband specialist.

“Our customers around the world know that LTE is at the heart of the stronger, more profitable company that we are building at Nokia Siemens Networks,” he said.

If the Nokia Siemens’ policy at all holds true like it has in the last two months, we might still witness another significant increase in the market share. Accordingly, the company currently holds just slightly over 20 percent of the market share. With analysts projecting even more expansion in the size of the LTE RAN market as well as the provider competition, the task facing Nokia Siemens planners grows exponentially if they still are in the race to being the leaders in the field.

Edited by Braden Becker

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