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September 13, 2012

iMB-enabled Samsung 32GB LRDIMM Modules Double Server Performance by 275 Percent

Recently, the 32GB LRDIMM modules from Samsung Electronics enabled by iMB (isolation memory buffer) from Inphi entered the limelight after they performed impressively in a benchmark for load-reduced-dual-inline memory modules (LRDIMMs) with Inphi’s Isolation Memory Buffer (iMBTM) technology. The modules doubled server capacity boosting performance by an impressive 275 percent.

The benchmarking, carried out by Principled Technologies, features an IBM System x3750 M4 server based on Intel Xeon  processor E5-4600 that supports up to 1.5TB of LRDIMM memory operating at 1333 MT/s and 1.35v. The system was then loaded with IBM x3750 M4 that supported multiple instances of virtual machines on VMware vSphere 5 and each running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with 50GB of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database.

The test experiment ran on 384GB of regular registered DIMMs or RDIMMS to gauge the systems overall performance after which the RDIMMS were replaced with the iMB-enabled Samsung LRDIMMs. It was then that the impressive performance of the 32GB Samsung modules was realized.

Commenting on the results of the test, Paul Washkewicz, VP of marketing for Inphi’s Computing and Storage products said, "These benchmark results validate LRDIMMs in general and, in particular, what we at Inphi are committed to achieving with our iMB technology."

He summed up his comment by saying, "LRDIMM buffers with our iMB technology were able to double capacity and dramatically boost performance on one of the most advanced server platforms available today. This reflects how systems of all kinds can take advantage of iMB-enabled LRDIMM technology to expand and enhance the performance in the cloud, data centers and multiple other enterprise applications."

LRDIMMs inbuilt memory buffer enables the module to replace registers with a memory buffer giving server managers the option to increase servers’ memory easily which is not the case for the RDIMMS that have a liability of limiting the amount of server memory they can run courtesy of their loading profile.

Inphi Corporation is confident that proper usage of these modules can increase both capacity and server deployment speeds without having to change server motherboard and increase real estate size which would be the case for regular RDIMMs, something that steers the corporation towards its dream of providing high-speed mixed signal semiconductor solutions.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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