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September 11, 2012

Locking Down Private Content on Your Android Phone Using Trend Micro's Latest Product Portfolio

Accessing delicate personal data and services through mobile phones and smartphones is bound to change after the release of TrendMicroTM Mobile Security Personal Edition for AndroidTM. The solution from Trend Micro Incorporated will provide top notch protection to user’s private information coupled with faster and less bulky protection from malware attacks.

So as to soup up the Android thrill, TrendMicro will also be introducing new apps into the market, the TrendMicroTMLongevityTM (battery saver apps) and the TrendMicroTM Mobile Backup and Restore. These apps, together with the release of new versions of already existing apps (TrendMicroTMDirectPassTM for easy online password management and TrendMicroTMSafeSyncTM for data access while on the go) will with no doubt put a smile on the faces of the Android community.

TrendMicro’s move is well timed and in synchrony with the findings of research data which reveal that almost 63 percent of customers are connected to the Internet through phones, a percentage that is bound to plummet with the continuing move into smartphones. More and more members of the population will be transmitting delicate personal information from their mobile devices in the near future.

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Carol Carpenter, general manager and senior vice president of TrendMicro, acknowledges this fact. He said, "Mobile devices are an integral part of our lives. Trend Micro's mobile products help ensure that these devices are always protected against threats, have maximum battery life, and easy to access personal information, as well as simplified access to password-protected websites."

A worrying fact is that TrendMicro is not the only body that has this crucial revelation. Cybercriminals are aware that the grass is becoming greener in the world of smartphones and mobile phone networking and are closing in for the kill. Statistics show that hackers develop a whooping five new threats per second, something that should push smartphone users to take strong security measures to remain safe.

The new security pack will feature a Privacy Scanner which warns users of apps that can access and upload private data in the phones memory or from the phones accessories like the microphone and camera. The scanner will be linked to TrendMicro’s cloud security to reduce the impact on the target device in case the malware is installed by ensuring that the latest threats are annihilated.

Other security related apps from TrendMicro include; Threat Scanner, Parent Controls, Safe Surfing, Uninstall Protection and the Lost Device Protection. These are an addition to other TrendMicro apps that are targeted at enhancing and simplifying mobile phone human interactions.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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