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September 20, 2012

Staying in Touch with No Limits at All, Thanks to Celly's Cells

Instant connectivity solution provider, Celly, recently went public on the availability of its innovation aimed at building mobile social networks. The service will organize real-life groups into mobile social networks dubbed “cells” through the powers of text messaging, QR code, e-mail and the Web.

Known for its speed, flexibility and simplicity, the solution now has more than 20 thousand cells across 50 states, and will now be available for Android users. A free Android app allowing convenient connectivity will be available on Google Play.

Unlike other social site settings, where only advanced phones access full functionalities offered by the site, virtually anyone who owns a phone will be in a position to join a cell of choice and instantly start sharing messages, polls, reminders, notes and topic alerts.

This will rule out the need for a high-end phone or a smartphone with a super fast Internet connection to keep up with a chat group.

Russell Okamoto, cofounder and CEO at Celly, discussed collaboration with the related public (directors, educators, students, politicians, etc.) to establish why existent social networks do not sit well with spontaneous sharing in a real-world setting. He believes the success of Celly will come from its overcoming of “lack of privacy, on-boarding friction, over sharing threats, and expensive device requirements that are showstoppers with existing social networks.”

“What I love so much about Celly is that anyone can set up a cell in literally a minute, anytime, anyplace, easily tell people how to get on it, they sign up in ten seconds, and it's done – you're linked,” said Shawn Carrié, member of the Occupy Wall Street’s Tech Ops Working Group. “It's a beautifully simple, lightweight system that works intuitively and effectively."  

Celly supports the needs of a wide range of users, bringing together families, friends, universities, local governments, businesses, political movements, faith-based organizations and many more groups interested in conveniently catching up and organizing events in a private and easily accessible remote manner.  

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Edited by Braden Becker

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