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February 25, 2013

Torres Networks Designing a Mobile Offload Gateway

In the past, mobile operators only had to deal with the transfer of voice and text and in some cases a minimal amount of data. With the advent of mobile computing, the volume of data is continually on the rise. The increase in traffic intensity has demanded ways of expanding network capacities or other alternative solutions to the problem.

To rescue the situation, Torres Networks, a provider of policy control solutions, is designing a Mobile Offload Gateway that offloads Internet bound traffic away from a network’s core. By using the powers of the award winning T-Series 40G ATCA platform and Trillium from Radisys Corporation, Torres Networks can now fast track its project and drop 12 months from its initial 18-month project duration estimate.

Wireless network operators can reduce on capital expenditures with this gateway that deploys at the Radio Network aggregation interface. Torres Networks plans to initiate operator lab trials in June, which accommodates dynamic offload mode and deployment on hybrid networks encompassing Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks.

The T-Series 40GATCA platform gives modern innovative processing and switching capabilities that allow operators to expand capacity by a factor of four in 10G systems with a 50 percent cost per bit reduction. On the other hand, the Trillium wireless software gives the needed carrier grade high availability features and monitoring functionality necessary in maintaining control over the network.

By building on Radisys’ innovations, Torres Networks has the opportunity to deliver the gateway solution with reduced risk and time to market. In addition to this, Torres Networks will also use Radisys’ Trillium TOTALeNodeB small cell software and compact Evolved Packet Core to test its Mobile Offload Gateway before exposing it to actual market tests.

Wireless network operators form the central support pillar in the realization of workable mobile computing technology.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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