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February 04, 2013

Quick Start Technology Lets You Interact with Apps While They Download

If you’re a frequent downloader of apps, you have likely wondered if there’s a way to run them immediately they start downloading – sort of like streaming them in a similar way you do YouTube videos as they buffer.

This ability to provide immediate access to app content while still in the process of downloading data can greatly enhance the end-user experience especially when dealing with huge content.

Kaon Interactive, a company that develops interactive 3D product marketing apps, may just have solved this problem with its innovation of the first mobile B2B product app that enables offline access during the download process. Giving users the best of both worlds, the Quick Start technology innovation has changed how Web app content is consumed.

Prior to the technology, you could either view an app’s content online or offline. For offline or native apps, you needed to first download the entire content from the Internet onto your device prior to end-user accessibility.

Conversely, for online apps, there was app limited availability when the Internet connection was limited.

The groundbreaking Quick Start service now allows offline use and immediate access to content as it downloads. This innovation is particularly useful where Internet bandwidth, especially in hotels, conference rooms and remote locations, is low.

According to the CTO at Kaon Interactive, Joshua Smith, “When every second of the sales process counts, we believe our Quick Start technology will help change the way users immediately interact with Kaon’s mobile apps. These mobile apps arm global sales teams with 3D product demonstrations, interactive solutions stories, and business intelligence that help win deals.”

Smith was excited that Kaon Interactive was the first company that blends the best of online and offline app capabilities together.

The Kaon 3D Product app, shown in the video above, offers an interactive and agile 3D product marketing solution that allows users to experience products through rotation, spinning, explore options and features like opening drawers and retrofit components. The app uses an interactive demonstration to help users better understand a product’s workflow.

This is the first app that brings virtual 3D product catalogs with a greatly enhanced end-user experience at the speed of zero to 3D in 30 seconds, making it truly unique.

Edited by Braden Becker

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