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October 01, 2012

What Does The BuNGee Project Bring to the Table?

Following a final review meeting with the European Commission in Brussels, Alvarion Ltd., a reputable provider of wireless broadband solutions targeting connectivity, coverage and capacity obstacles in public and private networks felt confident enough to announce the successful completion of the Beyond Next Generation Mobile Network (BuNGee) project.

The announcement follows a demonstration carried out in Tel Aviv in April 2012, which displayed the fulfillment of the projects main objectives. These include higher throughput, innovative deployment techniques and one very economically viable business case.

BuNGee’s sole purpose is to research on possible solutions, innovative technologies and deployment topologies. The European Commission Seventh Framework Program (FP7) funded project comprises of a network operator, equipment and antenna vendors, research institutes, universities and consulting firms all of which are committed to achieving a common goal under the leadership of Alvarion which is also the leader in designing the innovative system infrastructure.

The BuNGee project demarcates a new territory of speed after demonstrating a throughput of 1Gbps per square kilometers, which is way above the meager 100Mbps throughput that the current next generation LTE and WiMAX technologies support.

This demonstration, which in the opinion of many was a success, took place in a highly populated high-tech industrial park around Alvarion’s offices, Tel Aviv, Israel, with a good number of reviewers on the witness on behalf of the European Commission.

Oleg Marinchenco, the BuNGee project coordinator from Alvarion, is confident that the live demonstration was a necessary proof of the amazing powers the project is bound to actualize once it officially rolls out. He said, “Viewing the live demonstration at Alvarion’s office in April was the necessary proof-point for the successful close to this project.”

The demo focused on the core advantages of the project which includes a cheap, high-capacity 4G Radio Access Network architecture utilizes spectrum and energy efficiently in an ultra dense sub-rooftop radio equipment deployment, offers joint design access and backhaul networks using heterogeneous radio elements in the licensed and license exempt (LE) spectrum.

Additional technologies showcased on that event-packed day include the innovative antenna technologies, such as multi-beam antenna and advanced interference elimination techniques coupled with co-operative technologies at base stations, cognitive radio, autonomous radio resource assignment and network techniques, aimed at reducing management and operational complexities.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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