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November 20, 2012

ADVA Invests in Saguna Networks

Mobile networks are seeing such heavy use that service providers continue to look for solutions to help make the most of these network assets, both in terms of resource efficiency and revenue creation. In a recent move reflecting that trend, ADVA Optical Networking today revealed that it has invested $1 million investment for a 10 percent stake in Saguna Networks, which provides mobile content optimization solutions.

The Saguna technology, according to ADVA, is unique in that it transports content directly from the mobile network base station – where popular content sits on cache servers – to subscribers. That, it says, enables operators to make better use of network resources, enhance the user experience and make more money from content.

“People want mobile content wherever they are and whenever they need it,” says ADVA CEO, Brian Protiva. “To achieve this, cell site caching and mobile optimization are critical. Thisnot only guarantees a greater user experience but also enables mobile operators to harness their existing infrastructures and drive profitability. That’s why we’re combining our technologies to build a totally unique solution.” Saguna Networks CEO Lior Fite adds that “the fierce growth in mobile data demands new solutions, new ways of both addressing users' expectations and operators’ needs to grow revenue. Our [Content Optimization Delivery System] technology brings cloud and over the top services directly into the mobile base station and this new partnership with ADVA Optical Networking creates a carrier-grade platform that delivers the right services exactly where they’re needed – close to the mobile user.”

Mobility Tech Zone, a MobilityTechzone site, recently recognized Saguna Networks with its LTE Visionary Award.

"Saguna`s achievements in advancing 4G through LTE development is worthy of being selected as recipient of the Mobility Tech Zone LTE Visionary Award," Carl Ford, co-founder and community developer at Crossfire Media, one of the sponsors of Mobility Tech Zone, said earlier this year in announcing the award. "Saguna is an innovator and one to watch for the next evolution of solutions."

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