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Paula Bernier is Executive Editor at TMC where she writes, edits and manages editorial content for INTERNET TELEPHONY, CUSTOMER and IoT Evolution magazine. She's also a regular contributor to TMCnet. Bernier was formerly editor in chief of xchange magazine, where she worked for more than 11 years. She’s also acted as a senior writer for Inter@ctive Week. Bernier got her start in telecom at Telephony magazine, where she spent nearly five years, leaving as the news director. Bernier also has been on the reporting staffs of various mainstream daily and weekly newspapers in Iowa, Minnesota and South Carolina.

Latest Articles

04/19/2017 Verizon to Spend $1B+ on Corning Fiber
02/27/2017 Huawei, LG, Nokia Challenge Smartphone Leaders
02/15/2017 Metaswitch Buys Mobile Service Enablement Outfit OpenCloud
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01/18/2017 FTC: Qualcomm's Business Practices are Anticompetitive
01/12/2017 Legere, Malone Critique MSOs' Mobile Strategies
01/10/2017 Study: Telcos Losing Big to OTT
11/28/2016 HZO Sealing Technology Protects Devices from the Inside
10/03/2016 Accenture, Google Partner to Cater to Industry Verticals
07/28/2016 Nokia Technology to Rev Up StarHub's Singapore 4G Networks
06/08/2016 Mitel Tops Branham300 List
04/28/2016 Mojo Networks Aims to Open Up the Wi-Fi Market
03/21/2016 Apple Introduces New 4-Inch iPhone, Smaller iPad Pro, Much More
03/07/2016 Smartphones Now Account for 60 Percent of Malware on Mobile Nets says Nokia Report
02/23/2016 Nokia Packages Up In-Venue Mobile Broadband Solution
02/17/2016 Mitel Makes Management Changes Around Mobile Effort
02/04/2016 OpenMarket Releases New SMS API
02/03/2016 Ericsson Unveils New Mobile Broadband Solutions in Preparation for MWC
01/04/2016 Celltick's Start Personalizes Smartphone Interfaces
12/09/2015 WaveMaker Platform Supports Hybrid Mobile App Development
11/17/2015 MobileIron: EMM is Taking Center Stage
10/27/2015 How to Build Enterprise Apps That Work
10/20/2015 Novatel Taps Altair to Power Latest MiFi Solution
09/17/2015 Cavium GM Talks Small Cells and Expanding Wi-Fi
09/17/2015 Cypher Answers the Call for Better Mobile Audio Quality
09/15/2015 Sunsight Instruments Introduces Microwave Path Alignment Solution
09/14/2015 Sequans Emphasizes the Momentum Behind CAT-1, CAT-0 LTE
09/14/2015 Mexia Helps More Efficiently Engage People, Resources
09/11/2015 Nokia Offers Solution for More Intelligent Small Cell Site Selection
09/10/2015 Deviser Instruments Unveils Feature-Packed Handheld Tech Tools
09/01/2015 10 Carriers to Get a Combined $1.5B from FCC's Rural Broadband Fund
08/12/2015 ADTRAN Talks About the Benefits and Use Cases of Wi-Fi ProCloud Service
07/30/2015 Facebook's Focus on Mobile is Paying Off
06/25/2015 New Zealand CSP Taps Metaswitch for Virtualized VoLTE Proof of Concept
06/09/2015 University in Kansas Uses Airvana C-RAN Small Cell Solution in Its Coliseum
05/20/2015 MobileE2E Addresses Mobile Workforce with Apptrify
04/15/2015 Let the Lawsuits Begin! AT&T, Industry Associations Sue Over FCC Open Internet Order
03/30/2015 Kwicr Provides Mobile App Owners with Broadband Acceleration Control
02/24/2015 Frontier Tells Its Wi-Fi, Fiber Story
01/23/2015 Super Bowl Sunday - How DAS is Helping Fans, Businesses Stay Connected
01/12/2015 Key ITEXPO Miami Themes for ADTRAN: Cloud, VARs, Wi-Fi
12/17/2014 MuleSoft Founder: APIs, Mobile Devices are Driving New Customer Experiences
11/24/2014 Ericsson, IBM Partner on 5G Phased Array Antenna Research Effort
11/13/2014 AT&T Offers an Update on Its Toggle BYOD Solution
10/22/2014 MetTel Mobile Service Brings It All Together for Business Customers
09/11/2014 Vitesse Helps Enterprises Ready for 802.11ac
09/10/2014 Lower-Level LTE is Coming to Address the Internet of Things
09/10/2014 KidoZen: End-to-End Mobility Solutions are What Enterprises Need
09/10/2014 Ericsson Unveils Fast, Flexible Picocell
09/04/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Taqua Buys Kineto Wireless
07/28/2014 Verizon Wireless Expands What Some Would Call Throttling to Select 4G LTE Users
06/23/2014 Dali Wireless Unveils 10gbps In-Building Wireless Solution
04/30/2014 Ericsson Taps Qureshi to Drive M&A
03/18/2014 Tango Networks Brings Mobile UC Message to Competitive Wireline Providers
03/03/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Westell Buys Cellular Specialties as In-building Wireless Heats Up
02/28/2014 Indoor Small Cells Generate Heat, But Infonetics Lowers Overall Small Cell Forecast
02/06/2014 Taqua Unveils VoWiFi Solution
01/29/2014 Vitelity's vMobile Gives Mobile User PBX Parity
01/28/2014 151 Advisors President: Cellcos Could Secure, Integrate Businesses' Mobile Apps for End Users
01/28/2014 151 Advisors President: Cellcos Could Secure, Integrate Businesses' Mobile Apps for End Users
01/22/2014 Openwave Mobility Noted as a Key Player in NFV-, SDN-based Video
12/31/2013 LTE Ramps Up in China
12/31/2013 U.S. Cellco Battle over LTE Coverage, Capacity and Capabilities Intensifies
12/30/2013 Leading Vendors, Analysts Offer a View of Wireless in 2013 and Beyond
12/18/2013 Ora CEO Predicts Medium Will Blow Up, Suggests Fab Must Pivot or Die
10/21/2013 FrontRange Turns Up the HEAT with Enterprise Mobility Management Offering
10/18/2013 Exadel Adds Collaboration, Heroku Integration on Mobile Development Platform
10/17/2013 NimbeLink's Skywire Helps Equipment Manufacturers Expedite M2M Implementations
10/17/2013 Macheen Brings New Twist to Mobile Data Connectivity
10/17/2013 Amtel Expands Ability to Manage Android Devices
07/23/2013 C Spire Taps Ericsson for Push-to-Talk
07/16/2013 Upstart Offers Solution That Trades Mobile Data for Consumer Engagement
07/12/2013 Nimble Expands Apps Marketplace
05/23/2013 Radisys Talks Small Cells, VoLTE and Telecom Cloud at CTIA
05/23/2013 Ericsson Highlights Its Advances in Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi, LTE, Small Cells
05/22/2013 Jennifer Lopez Launches VIVAmovil to Target Latino Shoppers
05/22/2013 BeQuick Brings MVNOs Real-Time Data Session Control, Self-Service Activation
03/05/2013 InterDigital, ip.access Demo Automated LTE-to-Wi-Fi Handoff for QoS Purposes
02/14/2013 Ericsson Introduces Mobile Order Management, CDN, Aggregation & Verification Solutions
01/15/2013 ABI: SDN to Play a Core Role in 4G Networks
01/14/2013 Musical Chairs
01/14/2013 VSS Monitoring Makes LTE Service Assurance More Manageable
01/14/2013 Location-based Wi-Fi Can Aid in Staffing, Promotions, More
01/14/2013 Wireless Service Providers React in the Face of iOS 6
01/14/2013 PowerSkin Launches NFC-Enabled Smartphone Battery Case
01/14/2013 Honeywell Solution Buzzes with Communications
01/14/2013 JAB Broadband Expands Rural Fixed Wireless Footprint
01/14/2013 MIT Spinoff Improves Amp Efficiency
01/14/2013 Bucking the Trend
01/14/2013 APPerture
01/09/2013 Mobidia Aims to Leverage Mobile Data Usage Data for Carrier Promotions
11/20/2012 ADVA Invests in Saguna Networks
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09/24/2012 Proving the Theory? | What's in Store | M2M a Hug(h)e(s) Deal
09/24/2012 Track the Field | The Agony of Defeat
09/24/2012 World View
07/03/2012 Unprecedented Urban Growth & its Link to Mobile Communications
05/24/2012 Tilting Customer Education Toward Fun
05/22/2012 Short Story of the Long Code: Long Code Pioneer TSG Global Fights for What's Right
05/22/2012 Wi-Fi Looks to Upgrade to Carrier Class