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January 28, 2014

151 Advisors President: Cellcos Could Secure, Integrate Businesses' Mobile Apps for End Users

There are a lot of great and disruptive wireless mobility technologies and plenty of tech-savvy people behind them, but many of those offerings and individuals could benefit from the assistance of specialists that can help bring those solutions to market.

That’s the word from Steve Brumer, president of 151 Advisors, who spoke with MobilityTechzone today at ITEXPO at the Miami Beach Convention Center. (The ITEXPO show is just getting started, so if you want more information on attending, click here)

151 Advisors is a strategic consulting firm that helps mobile, wireless, and web-based software and technology companies build and execute go-to-market strategies. The 7-year-old company has offices in Atlanta, New York, Toronto, and the U.K.

Such major names as Google and Verizon are customers of 151 Advisors, but the company also works with startups. In fact, the consulting firm has engagements with the governments of Lithuania and Singapore to help bring some of the machine-to-machine businesses in those countries to the U.S. market. M2M sales strategy was also the focus of 151 Advisors’ engagement with Verizon.

MobilityTechzone asked Brumer for his thoughts on some of the prevalent topics related to wireless in general and M2M in particular.

While wearable technologies have garnered a lot of interest recently, Brumer says he has not seen a lot of innovation there. Instead, he says, there are a lot of me-too solutions from companies offering fitness products, medical devices, and connected watches and glasses.

Digital signs have seen strong uptake in recent years, and some companies are now using these platforms not just to expose messaging, notes Brumer, but also to promote brands and solutions by encouraging user interaction – such as games.

The smartphone has yet to become a digital wallet for people in the U.S., but it’s already happened abroad, where the populace is more plugged in, Brumer says. He adds that the Isis effort by the tier 1 U.S. cellular carriers is likely to play a huge role in moving that forward.

Brumer also talked about the potential for cellular carriers acting as an aggregator of sorts of different mobile business applications, and integrating them and securing them for end users. In fact, he says, T-Mobile is already advertising this kind of solution. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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