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December 17, 2014

MuleSoft Founder: APIs, Mobile Devices are Driving New Customer Experiences

APIs and connected devices are enabling retailers to give shoppers more control, and that’s a good thing for both sellers and buyers, says Ross Mason, founder of integration platform provider MuleSoft.

For example, Foot Locker now features in-store kiosks through which shoppers can browse for shoes they’ve tried on but might like in a different color, size, or style. The kiosks enable customers to see what’s available and in stock, check out what shoes are available by other brands, and even make a purchase without leaving the store.

“APIs will change the way companies build value and compete in 2015,” says Mason. “Businesses recognize that their APIs drive competitive advantage by allowing other companies and their customers to create new products and solutions with them. This creates more value around their offerings, which means more solutions for their customers.”

Many of the new experiences that the rise of the API helps to enable will be enjoyed by individuals on their mobile devices. And the number of mobile applications and devices that will be added this holiday to the already huge array of apps and endpoints that now exist will create an even greater need for businesses’ IT teams to create strategies to address consumer interest in connecting with organizations via mobile, and to ensure such communications are optimal and secure.

“From mobile commerce to mobile marketing and promotions, businesses need to be ready for this massive revenue opportunity,” says Mason. “To avoid the CIO's naughty list, IT teams must act quickly to consolidate the digital data from these apps and devices to deliver mobile experiences that drive the bottom line.”

Mason adds that we can expect to see a growing number of wearable devices in the enterprise in the year ahead.

"With watches, glasses, earpieces all getting smarter and learning to talk to one another,” he adds, “individuals will be able to access certain apps features from their watches, without opening their smartphone. They'll be doing more and more with their phone in their pocket, and its importance will diminish considerably." 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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