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December 09, 2015

WaveMaker Platform Supports Hybrid Mobile App Development

WaveMaker now supports hybrid mobile app development on its Rapid App Development platform. That’s noteworthy because more than 50 percent of the apps created next year are expected to be hybrid mobile, according to Gartner, and because WaveMaker says its platform will help companies save up to 80 percent of the time and effort they now spend building enterprise apps with modern user interfaces, particularly for mobile platforms.

“The BYOD trend and the increased pressure on organizations to deploy mobile applications to accommodate mobile work styles of employees will lead businesses to manage a portfolio of mobile application architectures, and hybrid architectures will be especially well-suited to business-to-employee applications,” said Van Baker, research vice president at Gartner.

In an interview with me last week, WaveMaker CEO Vijay Pullur noted that in the past, the most common way to consume enterprise apps was via web browsers, but today apps also need to be made immediately available to users on their mobile phones. So the company’s WaveMaker Studio now enables developers to create both desktop and mobile versions at once, rather than having to do the job once for desktop apps and again for the various flavors (Android, iOS, Windows) of mobile. That’s important, he added, given that there’s a shortage of developers, especially of developers that have expertise in both desktop and mobile app creation. The hybrid mobile apps also can also leverage device capabilities such as camera, geo-location, local file storage, network, and more.

WaveMaker is a spinoff of Pramati Technologies, a company with 1,200 engineers around the world. The company’s product line consists of the Rapid App Development platform, a developer studio that allows for fast application creation; an API integration platform; and a platform based on Docker that enables apps to run on the cloud.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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