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February 04, 2016

OpenMarket Releases New SMS API

Text messaging is the most widely and frequently used form of written communication in the world, with 6.1 billion people onboard and 7 trillion SMS messages exchanged annually, according to Portio Research. Pair that with the fact that a growing number of us are cutting the cord on our wireline services, and SMS would appear to be positioned for continued growth on both the business and consumer fronts.

Today many organizations use SMS to communicate with their customers and patients. To enable enterprises to more easily employ SMS, OpenMarket continues to innovate on the API front. Its latest API release is aimed at helping businesses streamline and expand their international SMS programs.

Indeed, APIs themselves have become a major trend as well. Forrester Research calls the application programming interface the poster child of digital transformation. And Michael Yamnitsky in a recent Forrester Research blog commented: “APIs are proliferating at enterprises making industry-leading investments in mobile, IoT, and big data.”

(Indeed. That’s why TMC is launching its own initiative on this front, and anyone with an interest in APIs is invited to join us. This TMC initiative is All About the API, an event to take place July 18 through 21 in Las Vegas. For more information, click here.)

As for the new OpenMarket API, that includes originator management, which helps determine where messages need to be sent so if the destination subscriber uses an MVNO or tier-three carrier that doesn’t support short codes, OpenMarket and its customers can instead send those end users a long number. This latest API release also features simplified encoding. Steve French, OpenMarket’s global vice president of product and marketing, explains that these APIs are employed both by its enterprise customers, by platform providers such as marketing automation outfit Marketo, and by API providers like Twilio. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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