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October 17, 2013

Amtel Expands Ability to Manage Android Devices

The Amtel platform, which does mobile device management as well as mobile and telecom expense management, now enables companies to control use of applications, data downloads, settings and calling features on Android devices.

For example, a company may decide that only certain applications on Android devices on its networks can be used; Amtel’s platform can allow it to set and police that rule. It can also enable companies to do things like ban international calls on such devices and/or cap their data downloads, explains PJ Gupta, president and CEO, who adds that a lot of Amtel clients are larger enterprises that want to make sure their employees aren’t misusing their devices.

Amtel has supported Android devices for 2.5-3 years now, so the capabilities mentioned above are enhancements to what the company already has been offering to companies to help them manage their fleets of Android devices.

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Amtel’s TIMS platform includes a broad range of functionality. It enables invoice management, inventory management, device security management, procurement portal, mobile policies, contract management, and dispute management and reporting of telecommunication services for global enterprises. Organizations can use the solution to implement additions and changes related to mobile devices, mobile plans and even mobile carriers; to track their wireless and wireless expenses; and much more.

Clients typically eliminate 10 to 40 percent of their mobile expenses as a result of using Amtel TIMS. Also part of the TIMS platform is an integrated SaaS-based Telecom/Mobile Expense Management & Mobile Device Security Management Solution. That enables users to set security password and e-mail settings; approve and restrict particular mobile applications in the business setting; detect and quarantine jailbreak, rooted devices; and remotely wipe and lock devices (if, for example, an employee loses a wireless device containing confidential business information) . It also allows for 411 directory assistance saving; provides alerts related to international calling and roaming; and does GPS location and lost device tracking.

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