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November 17, 2015

MobileIron: EMM is Taking Center Stage

Enterprise mobility management is becoming the center of end user computing, security, and management. So says Vittorio Viarengo, vice president of products and marketing at MobileIron.

That’s good news for MobileIron, given it’s already a leader in the EMM space, as noted by Gartner in its latest EMM Magic Quadrant. MobileIron is also the company that Deloitte a year ago this month said was North America’s fastest growing technology company. (It saw a cumulative growth rate of 123,678 percent between 2009 and 2013).

MobileIron, which is among the few stand-alone EMM suppliers, owns about a quarter of EMM market, and a higher share among large enterprises, says Viarengo, adding that the company has 10,000 customers. Others named EMM leaders by Gartner include AirWatch by VMware, Citrix, Good Technology, and IBM. Meanwhile, Gartner deems SAP a challenger; calls Microsoft, Sophos, and Soti visionaries; and identifies BlackBerry, Landesk, and Globo as niche players.

Launching shortly after the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, MobileIron’s software can be used to secure iPhones, Android devices, and soon Windows 10 endpoints as well. When people buy a device it ships with a container, which is built into the device’s OS but not yet activated; they can turn up the container by installing the MobileIron app.

That way if employees try to cut and paste information from an enterprise document, they can only do the pasting within the container. If someone jailbreaks their smartphone to install some pirated app, MobileIron can detect that and shut down the container. If someone tries to get into a phone unsuccessfully, the device can be programmed to shut down automatically. And if the device is lost, it can wiped. MobileIron also lets users segment their personal from their professional lives on their devices.

A catalyst for growth on the EMM front is the fact that businesses like banks are introducing mobile apps to their customers via iPads, Viarengo says, and the fact that some companies (like Eli Lilly) are putting all their core business processes on mobile devices.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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