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November 28, 2016

HZO Sealing Technology Protects Devices from the Inside

Traditional waterproofing is based on an external mechanical seal that aims to keep water out; but if the device is dropped or sat on, the seal can be broken. So HZO Inc. takes a different approach; it protects devices from the inside.

HZO’s waterproof technology is used to coat the guts of automotive products, consumer electronics, and outdoor billboards, said Ryan Moore, brand manager of the Draper, Utah-based business. Circuit boards of such devices go into an HZO machine, which uses gas to seal them.

The four-year-old company provides the waterproofing technology used in the Kobo digital reader, which as a result can function after being left in up to two meters of water for an hour, said Moore, who met with me at the recent TMC Editors’ Day in Santa Clara, Calif. HZO also works with Dell, Deutsche Telekom (on in its new tolino vision 4 HD e-reader), and Motorola, he added.

HZO also does waterproofing for various Internet of Things devices, including sensors, smart meters, and some solar solutions, said Moore. Next year it plans to branch out into more automotive and IoT applications.

“IoT is in all sorts of environments,” Moore said, “it needs protection.”

The company’s technology protects against not just water, but also against corrosive liquids, fumes, gases, and salt water.

“Waterproofing has really made a big splash in the last year or two,” said Moore.

He noted that the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung products are both waterproofed, although not with HZO’s technology. But he said current waterproofing technologies just aren’t cutting it, adding that Apple and Samsung don’t warranty their waterproofing, but that HZO waterproofing does include a warrantee.

“Since announcing our fully commercialized liquid protection solutions in 2012, HZO has been continually enhancing and validating our technology, and applying our conformal coating to devices and electronics in technical, industrial, medical, and consumer industries around the world,” HZO said.

Edited by Alicia Young

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