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December 31, 2012

Storycode Acquisition to Give Tigerlogic a Richer Mobile Platform

The future is in mobile, and companies are posturing by forming partnerships and acquisitions to take advantage of all the opportunities this medium will bring. The acquisition of Storycode by Tigerlogic will give it a stronger presence in the mobile app publishing studio sector.

Along with its Postano social visualization platform, it’ll be able to provide better social media communication solutions for brands and consumers.

The mobile app publishing platform from Storycode creates immersive mobile apps that can easily integrate brands. It gives editorial control so changes can be made through out an application without having to republish or resubmit it to the app stores, saving days or weeks in some cases. The apps in this platform are native, so when you make a change, it’s published in to iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry and Windows 8 instantly in each platform – again without app store approval.

Social media, analytics, optimization and push notifications are some of the tools available to create apps that engage the user with the brand.

"By combining Storycode's mobile app platform with Postano, we can rapidly advance TigerLogic’s mission of creating compelling interactive experiences for brands to engage with their fans and customers," said James McDermott, Storycode's chief executive officer.

The Postano platform from Tigerlogic specializes in creating engaging social visualizations with the top social networks in the market. It brings together posts from different social networks and creates a metric to monitor and optimize the brand and the engagement of the fan.

Additionally, D3 and Omnis Studio handle data integration and tailored app design.

The integration of Postano and Storycode will create a new type of social platform that gives brands distinctive mobile distribution capabilities. The platform will give brands access to different engaging experiences, whether it’s on mobile, on the Web, live events or other methods of delivery.

Content apps can be populated in real time with existing content management systems, social platforms and video channels. This type of engagement builds long-term customer loyalty.

"We are excited about this new capability to offer our customers, and their fans, mobile app options that integrate with our Postano visualization platform and can be rapidly deployed to create engaging mobile experiences,” said Richard Koe, TigerLogic 's Interim CEO. “This past year, we've seen incredible momentum and adoption of Postano, from brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West, Dell, the University of Oregon Athletic Department, and many others. Brands are…asking us to deliver the same experience for their customers via the mobile channels. Storycode technology allows us to do that."

Edited by Braden Becker

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