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February 28, 2013

Telenity Launches Canvas PMS Partner Management Solution

Telenity has announced the release of Canvas PMS, a partner management solution which helps mobile operators with partner lifecycle management and shaving operational costs.

"With Telenity’s Partner Management Solution, mobile network operators will have complete centralized control over their partner relationships,” said Ilhan Bagoren, CEO at Telenity. “They will not only be able to securely provide access to their network with advance partner collaboration capabilities and reduce operational costs, but more importantly they will be able to enable innovative service mashups with faster time-to-market."

Mobile carriers want to add more services to their offerings to differentiate themselves from their competitors, but this means dealing with partners who specialize in certain areas, and potentially incompatible platforms and workflows.

Carriers are looking for ways to manage this complexity.

Canvas PMS allows carriers to manage the complete lifecycle of partnership, from bringing them on board to retirement. The system offers a number of pre-packaged workflows and tools to assist management and track performance.

Telenity said that a major carrier in Europe is already using the solution.

The system is accessible from a Web interface. Since it's mostly automated, it reduces the need for face-to-face operations.

It offers a way for partners to offer services safely without compromising the integrity of the carrier's systems. Carriers can set policy to make sure that a partner's operations don't interfere with a carrier's main business.

Canvas PMS also offers comprehensive reports for the carrier and customized reports for the partner.

The system also offers a simplified settlement process based on revenue sharing models both parties have agreed to in advance.

The company has also introduced the Enchanced Canvas ConsentManager solution, which helps manage privacy on mobile networks related to location information.

Telenity executives are present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from Feb. 25-28.

Edited by Braden Becker

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