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October 25, 2013

Going Overseas? Take GigSky's Free Wireless Connectivity Along

Mobile devices are great for accessing all kinds of data on the go, at least until you try to take one overseas. Unless your plan includes international roaming or you’ve set your smartphone or tablet to only use Wi-Fi, you’ll incur some steep charges from your mobile carrier. GigSky wants to change that by offering free mobile broadband in more than 70 countries.

"Breaking down the borders and barriers that inhibit communications in a data-driven society is at the core of our DNA," GigSky founder Ravi Rishy-Maharaj said. "Considering how so many of us now live mobile lives, it's unimaginable that staying connected globally remains an issue, and that's how GigSky offers value."

Users will get 10 megabytes of free 3G and 4G data when they first land in a country where Gigsky offers its services. It’s not much, but more than enough to entice people to sign up for one of the company’s data plans.

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If they need more, they can purchase more from the company; users prepay for blocks of data. Starting at $25, they’ll get 175 MB of data for a week. For ten dollars more, customers will get 300 MB for two weeks. For longer trips abroad, users who pay $50 will get 500 MB to use over an entire month.

The company has partnered with a number of carriers to offer this service.

"In addition to the obvious benefits to global travelers, GigSky can also offer mobile operators a way to reduce their customer-acquisition costs and the number of sales agents to provide value-based services for their international travelers," Rishy-Maharaj said.

Customers simply insert a SIM card into the device, replacing the one that their domestic carrier issued. Gigsky also has an iOS app compatible with the latest line of devices that Apple recently announced.

One person who finds the service useful is Elaine Treharne, a university professor based in Palo Alto, CA. She routinely travels to the U.K. and continental Europe to do research.

“It was quite easy to buy data with the GigSky app and I knew just how much I was spending," Treharne said. "I inserted the SIM into my mobile hotspot and it connected immediately. It eliminated the need to find a workable hot spot which are usually overloaded and offer slow connections."

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