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January 15, 2014

Warm Weather is Red Hot for Smartphone Theft

We have all heard horror stories of friends or family who have traveled to the Bahamas, Jamaica or some tropical destination and had the terrible experience of having some personal item stolen – usually of the expensive, electronic nature. Smartphones are a hot ticket for thieves wanting to gain an extra buck, and the newest models come with quite an appealing price tag – even in the states. Ironically, I am flying into Fort Lauderdale, Florida tomorrow morning, and trust me – the entire weekend my eyes will be glued to my iPhone; I’m not taking any chances!

According to statistics from Asurion – the global leader in technology protection services – my paranoia is justified. People who live in warmer climates are more susceptible to smartphone theft during the winter months.

Image via DailyTech

Thus, all of those snow birds fleeing to warmer climates during the wintertime may be putting their smartphones at greater risk. According to Asurion data, during the cold months of December, January and February, consumers in cities with more mild winters are most likely to have their smartphones lost, stolen or damaged – and this makes a lot of sense. A warmer climate equals more people out and about, increasing the chance for smartphone theft. Asurion data pinpoints the top ten cities notorious for smartphone theft, which include Miami, San Antonio, New Orleans, Las Vegas, and other hot spots (literally and figuratively). Check out the full list by clicking here.

During those three winter months, the top ten cities for smartphone theft have a daily low temperature of 47.4 degrees Fahrenheit – a temperature that still allows activities to go on as planned outside (you just need a comfortable sweater and you’re good to go). Bettie Colombo, Asurion spokesperson, pointed out that “there are 80 million smartphones damaged, stolen or lost annually,” revealing how big of a deal smartphone theft truly is, and the risk is still there even for those not living in warmer climates during the winter.

Image via Touristmaker

Eighty percent of smartphone incidents happen during the first twelve months of ownership – so it may be smart to get coverage through a company like Asurion, which can even provide replacement in the event of a lost, stolen or broken smartphone. Or, you could always use this opportunity to contribute to the current mobile carrier war and switch over to a new company such as Sprint for the “Framily” plan or T-Mobile for some assistance with early termination fees.

Just always remember – whether surrounded by palm trees or a blanket of snow – keep your smartphone safe.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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