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February 04, 2014

Voxofon Brings Voice Memos to iOS with App Update

Being a provider of over-the-top (OTT) voice and messaging solutions, it’s not surprising that Voxofon predicted accelerated growth for OTT services this year. Still, it seems that the company is doing everything it can on its end to fulfill this prediction, largely in the form of frequent updates to its mobile apps on various platforms.

Indeed, a mere handful of months after rolling out an upgrade to its BlackBerry 10 application — which included a UI overhaul and free, platform-agnostic app-to-app calls and text — Voxofon has updates its iOS app as well. But version 5.5 of Voxofon for iOS comes equipped with a feature not yet available on BlackBerry devices: The ability to send short voice memos in lieu of texts.

"This latest version brings a whole new level of interactive experiences by adding the capability to share pictures, video, voice memos and even location over SMS," said Voxofon CEO Alexey Goloshubin in a statement. "Sending short voice memos instead of texts have become increasingly popular as typing may be onerous or cumbersome in certain situations, or for certain people or in certain languages."

In particular, Voxofon’s new voice memo feature is well-suited for those who type in languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Arabic; skip the hassle and just send a voice memo.

Other new features available in Voxofon 5.5 for iOS include the ability to send pictures, video clips and location information to contacts — even if they don’t have a smartphone. Sending these messages to feature phone users, however, will cost one cent per message, while the recipient will have to view picture or videos through their mobile browser or a desktop browser.

Of course, even among smartphone users, this feature is handy as it allows them to send unlimited messages with attachments for free without the need for a pricey texting plan.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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