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March 04, 2014

StickNFind's Enterprise BLE Technology Now Available via the Samsung Solutions Exchange

StickNFind Technologies is probably best known for the StickNFind Bluetooth location sticker, a crowdfunded product that helps users find easily lost items, like the television remote or car keys, with a smartphone. However, the company has also branched out, adapting its technology for enterprise applications and beyond.

One of the products that resulted from this branching is the StickNFind Enterprise Beacon, a piece of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology that is now available through the Samsung Solutions Exchange. The Samsung Solutions Exchange is a portfolio of mobile solutions designed to address the needs of businesses via a range of enterprise-grade Samsung mobile devices.

"We are excited to work closely with the Samsung Solutions Exchange to further drive our ability to assist enterprises in integrating Bluetooth solutions," said Jimmy Buchheim, CEO of StickNFind, in a statement. "StickNFind's solutions allow companies and individuals to use Samsung Mobile devices to deliver innovative marketing and indoor navigation solutions for enterprise."

Bluetooth low energy has seen an uptick in adoption lately in a number of areas, but mostly those relating to wearables — such as Qualcomm’s latest 2net Hub release — as it offers significantly lower power consumption and cost than standard Bluetooth.

The Samsung Solutions Exchange features a range of third-party offerings for a variety of industries, such as education, financial services, government and healthcare, that increase productivity and ROI. Most commonly, these offerings include sales and management applications, mobile device management solutions, cloud services, collaboration tools and security solutions, but they are in no way limited to those categories.

StickNFind is a major player in the area of BLE, designing, developing and manufacturing consumer and enterprise beacons and software solutions using the technology. Indeed, it is the first in the world to develop an Android SDK for BLE technology. Now, Samsung Mobile customers will be able to integrate StickNFind’s BLE solutions into their application infrastructure for individual and enterprise use.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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