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March 18, 2014

Digital First Media and Rumble Partner on Mobile Solutions Innovations

Digital First Media has recently announced a brand new partnership with Rumble that the companies feel will be mutually beneficial. The deal allows Digital First Media to use Rumble’s smart mobile publishing platform in a way that will serve as a definite upgrade over its current mobile solutions. The partnership will allow Digital First Media to launch a real-time solution that will have dynamic targeting capabilities.

"Media companies have witnessed a seismic shift in readership as audiences transition to mobile. Rumble's truly integrated and flexible platform allows content team and advertisers to deliver news and information in real-time," said John Paton, Chief Executive Officer for Digital First Media in a statement announcing the partnership. "Rumble isn't just a platform or a technology. Rumble is a team -- a partner -- dedicated to growing audience, driving revenue, monetizing content and providing media partners with a genuine competitive edge."

The partnership includes a relaunch of Digital First Media’s mobile applications that are geared towards both the phone and the tablet. That relaunch includes the management of the company’s national network of applications that will be run from a single location. This move should allow Digital First Media to distribute new content throughout its library of applications faster and more efficiently.

That quicker distribution means that the applications will be able to monetize their opportunities through Rumble’s partner network as well. The relaunch is just part of why the two companies are excited about their collaboration. The partnership will also see the creation of an Innovation Lab that will put out cutting edge features for use by DFM’s various users around the globe.

According to the two companies, the first of these new cutting edge solutions is a real-time user experience that will work to give those users the same kind of experience across a number of different mobile devices.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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